March 31st, CO sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government and the United Chinese digital will 2013 Chinese (Shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit held at the Intercontinental hotel. Alibaba Ma, Baidu Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Wu Ying, China digital Tencent digital Chinese well-known enterprises attended the elite and other emerging subject "IT innovation to promote human progress" summit. The agency issued photo by Chen Wen

Beijing March 31 Shenzhen Xinhua (reporter Chen Wen) 2013 China (Shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit 31 days held at the Intercontinental Hotel Group, Alibaba Chairman Ma said in his speech, ten years ago can be free, but today the Internet business also rely on free would be suicide.

Ma Yun said, IT development today has no shortage of technology, not lack of ideas. Today is the lack of these things into reality. Today, many people use IT technology, ideas, but the management level and thinking is still in the last century. Gave him a machine gun, when the stick. So it appears today IT e-commerce is still the price, or price, rather than value.

Ma Yun also said that people say that you are ten years ago, Ma Yun is not free technology can be free ten years ago, but today can not be free. Ten years ago, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba are very small, the time for free, everyone that wants to die. "Today you want free, you want to die, Tencent, Baidu, Ali will help you die. If you stay in the last century or even 5 or 10 years ago, it is impossible to survive."

Ma Yun also confirmed the same day the retirement matters, he said he would formally retired in May 10th, Ma Yuncheng retirement this thing he wanted for 9 years, plans for a period of 6 years, the implementation of the past 3 years. Because he felt that people do not come to work in the world, but it is to enjoy life, so he was 48 years old before work is his life, after the age of 48 he wanted to live his work. No matter how successful, how great, how great, busy work will regret. (end)

              the Dragon Boat Festival holiday that began yesterday, let a lot of people begin to undertake their holiday plan – travel, shopping, watching the world cup in…… However, a group of people are more busy than usual, that is the network bargain division.

may be the reason for the holidays, many people are nest at home online shopping, yesterday my business is particularly good, one day received three single live, earned nearly $500." Xiao Yan said network bargain division.

two years ago I graduated from a University of Xiao Yan, engaged in this occupation bargain division network nearly half the time. The so-called network bargain division, is through the network platform to understand the needs of consumers and organizations and is responsible for the group purchase, on behalf of consumers and businesses to bargain staff. He told reporters that he got two or three jobs after graduation, but do not get too happy at the end of last year, a chance to see the network bargain division of the occupation, for marketing professional background he is hundreds of times.

"more and more people are now engaged in this occupation, every time people ‘Kanjie’ earn not start so much, but more than just some live, the average monthly income can reach 3000 yuan, Xiao Yan said that he" cut "are mainly imported high-end digital electronic products. Such as computer, mobile phone, MP3, MP4. If a computer was cut 300 yuan, I generally earn $50." Xiao Yan said.

recently, the reporter found that with the online shopping industry has grown, the network bargain division, decoration designers, network network Madou (models) of these emerging network popular occupation in our city some 80, 90 young people. In network occupation bargain division rookie salary is 2500 yuan to 3000 yuan, while the senior master can reach five thousand or six thousand yuan monthly salary bargain. The network bargain division needs to have some experience in marketing, product information and market trends to bargain to know more familiar with basic network technology and electronic commerce.

in an interview with reporters also learned, recently in Shanghai, Guangzhou City, a number of real estate occupation bargain division. Part of the bargain division gathered in the local famous home purchase website forum, to provide advice and solicit business for the buyers. They often take the place of consumers and real estate developers to bargain, and specific showings and contracts signed by the property buyers personally. A real estate occupation bargain division wrote in the blog: "this occupation is spontaneous, every time a bargain is a battle of wits and developers struggle, whose psychological endurance is weak, who will be defeated."

Mr. Chen

insiders said that the Internet boom and information asymmetry is the main reason for the emergence of network bargain division. However, as a new occupation, the network bargain Division mainly rely on good faith to constraints, still lack of relevant laws and regulations support.

forum is usually going to touch it, and the forum for application in Wangzhuan is playing a role today, and we talk about the golden Wangzhuan forum marketing tips.

first. BBS and their products to enter the relative number

for example, Beijing 365 positioning "Beijing" consumption, life information website forum, then we should according to the characteristics of this forum, Beijing to promote the area in the implementation of marketing forum. This example is mainly to illustrate we must according to the characteristics of web products, select the appropriate forum, the forum best choice that can direct target customers forum.

The content of the post

create new styles of

second.The main purpose of the

post as a carrier of products, and depends on the title, and if the main thread posts the three parts are doing is particularly novel, perfect. So the message is very successful. A perfect post has the following characteristics: it not only attracted a large number of Internet users click, also subtly convey information and other uses of the product, users read it later did not feel it AD,.

(1) Title: the title is the soul of the article, good title is half of success. The key to the success of the post is that the title is not appropriate, so it requires us to make more efforts in the title. Improve post reading.

(2): it is the main body of the post. It also expresses the message the author wants to convey to the people. So the quality of said post content directly decides whether readers will reply here, I want to emphasize is the post content, can be put in the title of controversial scene started to write in a post, the most important is to convey the products on the user’s importance or relevance. In reply to set the column in the best suspense, of course, the product information can also occur in reply, so the main task is to master the information of the product is clearly on the line, do not need to add too many product information, avoid too much because the empty language and cause netizens antipathetic.

(3) replies: when the Internet was the title, the main attraction, they will reply, this can also be understood as friends for the product of "subjective" comment, when we view the reply, that is the time of the authenticity of posts. If the evaluation of its products is too high, often lead users to perceive the other intentions of the post, which will affect the effect of the entire product communication. So in written reply as possible as we take the method of divergent thinking, the use of diversionary tactics, further cover for product information, so that users do control in the minimum possible for this product may produce negative emotions.

third. Tracking the timeliness of Posts

if the post is issued, we do not go to the latter to track maintenance, especially in the more popular forum, then it will soon sink, if Shen >

When the entrance of the

I test in a complete mess, don’t focus on undergraduate, is a good college, I did not go. If I can’t afford to repeat family pressure, then I suggested specialist, undergraduate. I know, this is my only way out, I only do it. In college, students are playing games, a girlfriend, I have been learning, because I know I want to test the universities of Beijing, holding this ideal, my personal independence of conduct at this university, finally only the shadow with me.

three years later, finally admitted to the dream of Beijing university. But perhaps was the victory of the brain, in the beginning of the very hard to learn, and then began my disdain behavior: smoking, drinking, playing games all night, for a few girlfriends. I don’t know why I’m like this, I’m mad at myself. But I still can not help but continue to fall.

in this way, the examination of a lot of subjects are bright red light, the class teacher and guide members are required to see parents. I don’t want my old parents to see me in trouble. The conductor is a young teacher, and our classmates are very good. One day, I said that the Internet can not only play the game can also make money. Big question in mind, never know that the Internet can also make money! The teacher gave me a free trade platform (, can be free to put their goods posted on the site, similar to the Taobao, but the biggest difference is the main site if foreign trade, so say, can earn more money. The teacher told me, I don’t expect you will earn a lot of money, as long as you use the time to play the game to do something, to exercise myself, I believe you have no white university, these practices will be of much help to you after work and life.

I know that college will want to walk, I can’t accomplish nothing, I am a man of indomitable spirit, although I was obsessed with the game. But I think as long as I work hard, I will get what I want. With this in mind, I started working on the cheap4wholesale website". At that time, I mainly want to buy sports shoes, because many people in the university like to wear, very comfortable, but also a good home shoes. That’s the first step in my life. Supply is very important, I often and a few good friends around the major wholesale city is also a store, I hope Amoy good products. Although very tired, but I happiness within. My classmates they know this thing, have come here to ask me, so my time is spent in communication and communication with the customer above, the complete betrayal of online games. Friends are surprised at my change, it can be said to be transformed.

I will put the commodity information attached to the cheap4wholesale above, the hope can help me do some publicity, there are more and more customers to Q me, although not every time the transaction is successful, but when someone Q my heart, don’t mention that music ah! In the process to communicate with others, I learned a lot of things to be sincere, said: "

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unknowingly, Google advertising has been done for 1 years, spent a total of $697.32 (yes, I am an Australian website), it is really save ah. Now to sum up the experience of doing Google advertising. Unfortunately, I have to tell you, I do not know other countries, but there are many Chinese dishonest people, there are a lot of people that they tried to love leisure and hate labour, cheat, cheat advertisers money. These molecules are a cheat I recorded at the end of the article, as long as 127 a domain name blacklist (in order to avoid being shot dead, I will not send the report), this fact.

now come to the question. Want to have a better Google advertising effect, my suggestion is:

1 search results ads (in the user’s Google search results page shows your ad)

after you set the key to buy, once the ad comes into effect, do not frequently log on to your account. I understand that some people want to go up and see, the key word is not the price? How much money is the point of the advertising effect?. But soon, after about 1 weeks, you will suddenly find that Google tells you that the keyword price increases. Originally you bid $0.2 per click, and now the lowest bid to become a $0.3, or if the user enters the keyword search, your ad will not be displayed. But if you’re going to search for the key now, you might find that there are no other advertisers to buy this keyword. So, you want your advertising display now, you can only come to put the price increased to $0.3. So you thought everything was OK. It’s true that the ads are coming out again. The difference is that you have to pay $0.3 each time.

then if you still don’t listen to my advice, go back and forth to your account, a week later, you will be pleasantly surprised to find, Google tell you now the key word is the lowest bid $0.5. How about it? Do you want to go up? At the same time, you buy more than 50% of the key words are "lower than the lowest price" information. A few days later, you will be further found that the key word is now the minimum requirements rose to $2 per click.

I have a year of experience to tell me, frequently log on your Adword account, will lead to price increases, this is what I do when the site of the real situation. Now you can’t stand it. I advise you to leave your Google account, do not come back in January, wait until second months when you log in, you will find that the key price, some even as low as $0.03.

2 content ads (ads on the Google side of the site on the basis of the content related to the extent of your ads)

content advertising is a form of hate and love

I horse: recently very lively one thing: the war hammer, the fear of God as opponents, but stumble pigs as teammates. The founders are usually energy and intelligent people, the most troublesome is the frequently encountered pigs as teammates, we restore the classic "One Minute Manager · build an effective team", mining entrepreneur master secret team in the shortest time.


human beings have been working together since the place, for the successful operation of the organization, the concept of teamwork is more important than ever before. Society and technology are changing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, venture firms are under increasing pressure to adapt quickly to the new situation in order to remain competitive. We can not rely on the promotion of a few top executives in the process of entrepreneurship as a leader in this way. To survive, we must find ways to stimulate creativity and potential at all levels.

all teams are dynamic, complex, and constantly changing ecosystems, as individuals have their own behavior patterns and lifestyles. But all teams, no matter what the goal is, the size or the frequency of the meeting, have to go through the same stages of development.

why do entrepreneurs have to focus on team building, motivating employees and coordinating teams?

Most of the work of

entrepreneurs is not to supervise and cooperate with the staff one by one, but work with the staff in a small group. In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs in the management of less than 30% of the time to personally direct supervision of employees. They spend most of their time in group meetings to discuss how to deal with their employees, partners and supervisors, or outside the organization, such as customers or suppliers. When the effective operation of the team, they can solve more complex problems, make better decisions, release more creativity, and in the cultivation of individual skills and make more contribution to build up the sense of responsibility, this is an individual work incomparable. If the team is not well managed, it can cause damage to productivity. That is why today’s entrepreneurs must motivate and coordinate the team. No one of us is wise enough to match our whole wisdom.

what are the most important differences between different entrepreneurial teams and why some entrepreneurial teams can be particularly successful?

entrepreneurial team team members regularly face to face interaction, members of a relatively stable structure composed by 2~15, and they will be together to achieve a common task, or to solve a common problem. They can be a working unit, a special working group or committee with short-term goals, a sports team or even a social team.

The significant differences between the

entrepreneurial teams are shown in the scale, goals, and personnel composition, however, there is an important difference that is often

what is the profit of SkyDrive, is the user can upload interesting files to SkyDrive, and provide the download link for others to download, can be e-books, software, video, etc.. If you upload the file has been downloaded, then you can get the corresponding income. On average, $in revenue for each of the 1000 downloads. Specific income will depend on service providers, now offers SkyDrive Revenue Service on the network there are many domestic brands, thousands of brain, news 6, foreign Ziddu, hotfile, freakshare and so on.

to a large number of rapid release of resources is not easy, SkyDrive file upload is a manual work, at present most of SkyDrive’s upload rate limit below 50k/s, to upload large files a 100 M without an hour is difficult to complete, unfortunately, because SkyDrive domestic access speed abroad is not good China Telecom, 2m broadband users rate basically at 10 KB/s, sometimes upload to half disconnected, AB had depressed again. So, in the choice of SkyDrive, as far as possible to choose your computer upload speed. I stop BL TXT chose xun6 SkyDrive space, because of frustration, other SkyDrive upload speed is small.


every 1000 times download a few tenths of dollars, as can be imagined, to obtain a large number of downloads only upload one or two attractive files is not possible, specializing in SkyDrive money people usually adopt the following methods:

can be used to establish personal blog, free blog, Sina, NetEase, etc., if the registered personal independent domain blog, blog system is simple and easy to understand, as long as the one resource Title edit, download link to the hair on the line.

two professional beauty download station independent site, independent domain name, download content can select a theme, such as magazines, books, and so on, the key is the site looks like a major download station, every resource has a detailed introduction, pictures, comments, but at the end of the download link for file resources SkyDrive links, I see there are many foreign people dedicated to download station was set up in this way, the effect is very good, but also can do extra advertising alliance included.

the most important thing is the flow, to grasp the three aspects: upload resources as much as possible audience face large, popular, attractive, if the content of the resource is too biased to believe that people will not download more. 2 the name of the title of the resource is good, so that others in the Baidu, Google search is likely to find and access to your resources. Take my station BL TXT, all of the titles are as the key word ‘package’, relatively easy to find the package collection class so that others in search of novel. 3 using a variety of means to promote the site, in order to give the world TXT ( to increase the weight of points, for example, I now try to

for many people, especially young people all want to qualify for the CJ test, the quality of the credibility of the CJ in fact needless to say, as for the foreign address can apply to a lot of advertisements, indeed, in fact, Chinese address can do the same, why we are talking, CJ account or some other union account to raise is the truth, is the only foreign address to do CJ, no, China address do very well, China address apply advertisements in the beginning only some S company to invite you, in fact, we have to start from S to increase your reputation, and not to do ZB, or HK simple example, you work to cheat once the boss, the boss found no give you wages, so the total when he found, so it is not difficult to understand the network we do things like you To work with your boss and your guests as you get in return is to give your salary at present, especially to the CJ alliance is a big company, is not as simple as you think and weak, right Wangzhuan, some people say that I am a month thousands of knives, this kind of people too much, but also a lot of K people, if you only see you every day in the background of USD soaring, then you can get in the hands of luck is belong to you, for some alliance can apply for China address, then you have to apply for their research, no foreign blood relatives friends will not earn dollars, the answer is absolutely can earn.

CJ the top of the league is the value you have good reputation, it is a way to China sales account or to get more ideas to establish the credibility of the invitation, no matter what the company did not translate well, you are not always good for good advertising, perhaps you can get started, but later it is only K. CJ in the company too much, for by advertising or invite careful selection, there will be what you can do, not only LEAD is to make money, as long as the type of ads you have background should be carefully filtering. Not afraid of you, you are not afraid to think, not afraid of you not to think, you’re not afraid to perform, youshiwuzhong, the industry seems to be a very low threshold, in fact.

reproduced window Forum Asia

Gree founder Yoshikazu Tanaka is in March this year, "Forbes" wealth ranking of Japan’s youngest billionaire

introduction: foreign media wrote today, Japanese social gaming giant Gree just passable performance in the field of mobile games in recent years, due to missed the global mobile Internet frenzy, its share price from the highest level in history in November 2011 2840 yen fell to 1224 yen. Gree founder Tanaka Liang and (Yoshikazu Tanaka) in March this year, Forbes, the wealth of Japan’s youngest billionaire on the list, but its value has shrunk from $4 billion to $1 billion 380 million.

below is the full text of the article:

in five years, the Japanese social gaming giant Gree to become a star company investors Repeng, its founder Tanaka Liang (Yoshikazu Tanaka) and became Japan’s youngest billionaire, shares worth $4 billion. But after 18 months, he has shrunk dramatically to stock, currently only 1 billion 380 million dollars.

in Japanese billionaire list, the 36 year old Yoshikazu Tanaka younger than second of Japan’s richest young 12 years old, but his pace of development frenzy could not keep up with the global intelligent mobile phone. After 5 years of Apple Corp iPhone products listed in Japan, Gree’s main user base is still non smart phone users, and the proportion of such revenues accounted for 60%.

Gree said its annual profit will decline for the first time, the reason is because consumers have flocked to the Apple Corp and Google app store in the game, and gradually abandoned two Japanese social gaming giant Gree and DeNA platform. In November 2011, Gree shares have risen to the highest point, then down by half, becoming the 108 Topix index on the peer companies in the worst performance of A.

Macquarie Group (Macquarie

Group) in Tokyo analyst David · Gibson (David Gibson) pointed out that "they face the threat of apple and Google, has been the industry and we are now faced with the mobile game companies up to 9." David · Gibson advised investors to sell shares of Gree and DeNA, and predicted that the two stocks will fall by 25% next year.

Gree was unable to ride on Japan’s new government policies to stimulate growth. The Nikkei 225 index this year has the best start in more than 40 years, while the decline in Gree is almost flat with the index rose by 55%.

launches new game


exchange rate will not help to Tanaka Yoshikazu: Gree shares hit a new high of the previous week, the yen exchange rate rose to a postwar high, then fell 21%, resulting in further shrinking Yoshikazu Tanaka held 48% of the equity value > in dollars