at the beginning of the new year, for many people, the new year from a few days to go to work has been started, last year how, we know. For the last year, there are still a lot of people regret not to be discouraged, in the new year is the focus of development, then for their own career in the next year to do a detailed plan? Is the choice of employment or choose to start it? Regardless of employment or business development in their favorite areas is the kingly way, the author also came to the bustling commercial district, on the surrounding passers-by for a lot of understanding, found people tend to say exactly what the industry business venture, now the domestic current top ten is particularly prominent?

found that the dry cleaning industry outlook is a good drop, like whether experienced investors or zero experience novice, Baoma, college students, joined the dry cleaning industry is a very good choice, Marie aunt dry cleaners, this brand is good, on the top ten Oh, both from the reputation and popularity the strength, technology, historical background, is famous, aunt Marie recommend this brand, because it has too many advantages, to join this aunt Marie brand, will not let you regret, why so confident? There is a case description oh.

before joining Marie’s Aunt Wang, the former is a truck driver, hard to do for a few years, not hard, not what savings, always want to start your own business, I hope to have a small business of their own, more savings, an old lady, after Mr. Wang joined aunt Marie, the cause of wind well, the store to do now is fast;

and Ms. Zhu, is a cosmetics counter sales lady, she has always had a desire, is to save enough money to open my own shop, then turn to living in the home of the parents to the city, and later introduced by a friend that aunt Marie dry cleaning shop this brand of high profit returns. So resolutely and friends opened a small dry cleaning shop, through their headquarters in continuous learning to superb technology and washing of customers good service attitude, is now becoming more and more business is better every day, before long, will be able to achieve her wish.

Hefei industry, is a relatively safe and the development of the industry, believe that the development trend of high benefit low threshold, dry cleaners and a stable and strong demand, there are professional brand help, will be able to easily, has the development in the field of dry cleaning. 2017 gold investment projects can not be missed, and quickly move up to join Marie aunt laundry chain brand, to achieve your wealth dream!

after reading the above introduction, if you are interested in aunt Marie’s laundry chain, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, we will arrange our staff after the message

modern people with a high degree of acceptance of Western food, especially in young people, leisure dinners are more emphasis on the emotional appeal of Western food chain. Western restaurant to join is currently the most promising small investment choice, do not need to join Western food and Western food, do not need to join the investment experience, as long as investors to invest in this delicacy project, Western food stores will give investors high returns, the project has many investment opportunities, you should try it, your investors ready to invest western food stores ready? Come to invest in this project! Small investment also has a chance of success


here to talk about a Chinese style catering stores probably need a few people. Join in a shop area of 30 square meters of western restaurant, the kitchen needs about 3 people, is a person responsible for the production of food, a person responsible for the production of noodles, another person responsible for the production of pastry – if you run three words – variety and delicacy. The entry also requires approximately 3 attendants. In addition, it is best to have a kitchen equipped with mobile personnel, is responsible for washing dishes, washing dishes, to ensure the business hours of the needs of the bowl. Of course, the owner of the collection is responsible, but it is best to use the cash register, in order to count the daily turnover. As for the western restaurant franchise before the door every day to prepare the work, then all the staff to join the western style food restaurant to complete.

the development of science and technology, so that our product line is constantly enriched, but also to our lives has brought great convenience. Among them, the electric water taps in our lives began to play a role in obtaining a higher recognition. Heating water also known as hot tap or fast hot water tap, comprising a tap body and a water flow control switch, the faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electric control chamber, electric control chamber and the heating chamber separated by a seal plate, electric control chamber is provided with a heating circuit and a heating chamber is arranged in the heating pipe, heating pipe power generally 2-3KW 3-5 seconds out of hot water heating, the heating pipe of the heating circuit.

is characterized by: the heating pipe for heating pipe insulation insulation; heating pipe for water and electricity isolation type insulation heating pipe; the water faucet body most type high temperature resistant plastic engineering, a full metal type; the electrical control chamber is provided with insulating water switch; the heating circuit is arranged in the electric switch, electric switch is connected with the insulation water switch terminal water, electricity, water and electricity; the heating circuit is arranged in the temperature controller and the anti dry heating device; the heating circuit can also be arranged in the leakage protection switch.

electric water faucet features:

1, electric faucet rapid warming: 5 seconds to supply 30-60 degrees of hot water, that is, open to heat, to meet the needs of modern high standard, fast-paced life.

2, electric water faucet operation is simple: single handle operation can realize the water switch, power off, water temperature regulation, water regulation, hot and cold free switch.

electric faucet ten brands list:

electric faucet ten brands list, OTLAN NO.1 OTLAN (A Well-Known Trademark in China, Guangdong province famous trademark, is committed to saving / environmental heat warm product R & D and production enterprises, the leading brand, OTLAN electric appliances (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

electric faucet ten brands list NO.2, Yale (founded in 1989, the ten major brands of professional electric faucet, electric hot water heater / electric faucet manufacturer, Hongkong Jahre Electric International Holdings Limited)

electric faucet ten brands list, ABBOT NO.3 ABBOT (one of the electric faucet products manufacturers and sellers of the world’s largest home appliance industry influence brand, industry famous brand, Hongkong Wyeth ABBOT home appliance manufacturing company)

electric faucet ten brands list, NO.4 flight (industry famous brand, set fast thermal product development production and sales of Industrial and Trading Company, ten electric faucet brand, Ningbo Thornton feather Electric Appliance Co. Ltd).

at the moment, all levels of government are actively creating a high-quality entrepreneurial environment for young entrepreneurs, with multiple preferential policies and financial support to attract talent stationed, contribute to the development of local economy.

"Dali town is dedicated to all entrepreneurs to provide the best quality service and the environment, welcome to Dali entrepreneurship." Yesterday afternoon, "Chi · a new entrepreneurial salon held in Dali wide Fozhi City Business Service Center, more than 30 young entrepreneurs and Dali town mayor Huang Weiming on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurial experience in the salon, a number of government departments responsible for the business difficult to answer.

"in corporate finance, the government can guide different measures for different enterprises, government and policy play a better role?" The electricity supplier or APP enterprises in Dali is the support for the project?" "Dali can introduce high-quality business services to create entrepreneurial community?"……

"I am Dali Lianjiao, currently in Sanshui business. From this year, I found more and more entrepreneurs subsidy policy of dali. But from the supporting, Dali can I venture brings what help?" Young entrepreneurs Pan Xiangyang raised this question, but also other entrepreneurs doubt.

novice entrepreneurs say problem

"our team currently in urgent need of a financing, develop a APP for improving the efficiency and quality of service." Lan Wensheng said, began to undertake the human resources service for the small and medium-sized enterprise team 3 years ago, now the annual turnover has reached 3 million Yuanjian

electricity supplier in the development of the world is very rapid, but in rural areas would also need some heat supplier to do like the city and more likely. Have to say is placed in front of the electricity supplier of Five Fingers Group, as long as the way to overcome this Five Fingers Group, then the rural electricity supplier can be said to be like a duck to water, and look down.

recently held 2015 Jingdong Q3 earnings conference call, Jingdong executives said: has covered more than 2200 counties and districts nationwide. In fact, as early as the end of 2014, Liu Qiangdong had revealed that will start the rural agent program, marking the start of the strategic layout of the rural electricity supplier Jingdong.

in addition to Jingdong, Alibaba in the rural electricity supplier in the field of action, in 2014, the Alibaba announced plans to launch a thousand million village in the county, will be three to five years to invest 10 billion yuan, in order to promote the development of rural e-commerce.

Statistics said that in 2016 the rural online shopping market is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan, the future may exceed the size of the consumer. And in constant development. In October this year, Premier Li Keqiang held a meeting to accelerate the deployment of rural electricity supplier development.

giant advance, favorable market, policy support, all of which shows that the rural electricity supplier contains endless potential, good prospects for development, the future will become a new red sea, attracting the influx of manufacturers.

however, aside from the actual situation in rural areas are talking about electricity providers! The supplier is not advertising whitewashing, not to get rich road, not only fix logistics, rural electricity supplier is change the user’s habits, improve the shopping environment, improve the quality of life of farmers. To promote rural electricity providers, must grab from the source.

1, network penetration rate of

at present, China’s rural network coverage is low. Data show that as of June 2015, China’s Internet penetration in rural areas was 30.1%, less than half of urban areas. Premier Li Keqiang held a State Council meeting, decided to improve the rural and remote areas broadband telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism, narrowing the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Also from the side reflects the rural and remote areas there is a huge gap, have to subsidize the promotion of rural network construction.

if the network coverage can be made to compensate for the low. It is a long way to improve farmers’ use of the internet. At present, China’s non urban household registration staff reached 600 million, while the total number of rural left behind more than 150 million, of which the majority of the elderly, women, children. For a lifetime to stay in the village even open a TV are careful rural elderly, the computer is just as advanced objects, reluctant to use not to say, its complicated operation, but also makes the elderly prohibitive.


China catering industry since ancient times has been a very popular industry, because China since ancient times is a diet country, especially in today’s society, a variety of food and beverage enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like there, then how to operate a restaurant?

A, dry pot in the winter sales is really old, because of the cold weather in winter, dry pot is out soon cold. Many dishes are cold is not good, and it’s really cold winter, guests are very like some warm things, so, it is very warm in the body, so the pot products sell very well in the winter.

so suggest you store pot products increased in winter, such as mutton soup pot, soup pot, meat soup pot ribs. Your store is operating for many years, these will not beat your stock, use the existing manpower, increase food, without increasing the other human to do, but also save cost. In this way, you can avoid the embarrassment of dry pot in the winter, while the pot is also sold at the same time, so as to meet the needs of different guests.

two, increase product after start planning promotional activities. Sales promotion is to let customers know what you have new dishes, but also to attract them to the purpose of consumption.

1, the theme of promotional activities: Super affordable beauty + gastric     2, promotional content is to come to the guests, the guests first table of dishes, enjoy a 90 percent off discount, second tables of guests, dishes enjoy 80 percent off discount; third table consumption guests dishes enjoy 70 percent off discount…… And so on, after the full discount. For at least a week.

3, marketing and promotional activities:     (1), hang a banner in front of the shop, to put out the content of promotions;     (2), in the local television programs, the promotion delicacy, content to play out. At least 1 weeks.   (3), mobile TV programs on the bus.     (4), the promotion printing DM, newspaper clipping, number 100 thousand, the first time you can.

three, this promotion will undoubtedly bring great impact and popularity.


related recommendations

now, like spicy hot food, always very attractive. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs to choose to join the flow of spicy snack car? Not only has the market development space and join the selection advantage is also very much!

How much money

flow spicy snack car? Spicy snack car how much money? According to relevant data, only 1-3 million can cooperate with a road snack car! From the current food and beverage industry pattern, the proportion of food is rising rapidly. In the fast pace of life and the common role of public entrepreneurship policy, there will be more people interested in food and beverage business, they will also have a lot of snacks may choose to start the project. Because compared with large restaurants, restaurants, small and micro feasibility is higher, lower risk.

do snacks, then you need to use all the way fragrance snack car. Because a lot of people do not have professional cooking technology, but also the lack of experience in the operation of snacks, in the business will inevitably encounter such problems. The flow of spicy snack car how much money? Spicy snack car how much money? Have a road snack car, can master the secrets of making disposable hundreds of snacks, no kitchen, do not cook, also do not need to bear the rent, you can make good an easy job to do.

all the way to the concept of a healthy meal snack car for the franchisee, the consumer to eat at ease to make fun. And has a strong advantage, a simple way of operation, a short time to obtain profits.

characteristics of the flow of spicy snacks to join the project, always very attractive to consumers. So, entrepreneurship to choose the flow of spicy snacks to join it! Look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

      as the saying goes: there is no failure, only the failure of thought. Who do not want to be a rich man, who do not want to live in the villa, open luxury car, of course, this can not be separated from the business, business difficulties, can be turned back to think about what is not difficult? You have to pay, in order to get what you want, people do, the day is watching, so when you are young, seize the time to start it!




a shop wants to improve the turnover rate, the method can be very rich. As long as the proper operation, the shop business is not a natural hot issue. In this article, the small series will introduce the celebrity effect in enhancing the turnover rate in the shop.

"celebrity effect" is a common and effective method of marketing, because the customer to recommend or use of goods for celebrities, on the one hand there is a sense of freshness, on the other hand, a sense of trust. Many businesses in order to be able to better win the favor of the majority of consumers, will be used as a celebrity appeal to sell their own shop means.

there is an overseas Chinese store in a city. Once a couple came to Chinese tourism foreign friends in the store at a price of 20 thousand yuan for the jade ring, want to buy, but because just to Chinese for Chinese, the price is not very understanding, lest he cheated more money, so the two of them to the ring for a long time shilly-shally.

in the next sales Miss suddenly see their thoughts. So politely walked over to them and said: "the president of a country’s wife has visited our store, she is also the same value of the ring, but because the price is too expensive to buy or not. In fact, we also want to sell it to her, but because the jade ring fine workmanship, and this kind of jade texture is difficult to find in China, so there is no way to lower prices."

the implication is that even the president’s wife has a liking for the ring. The president’s wife is not willing to buy, if you buy this time, it seems that you are a little higher than the president’s wife. This is a good way to meet the customer’s vanity.

the couple listened to really exciting, immediately put this ring bought. The couple left with a ring that the president could not afford to buy. Originally due to the couple’s hesitation this transaction may not be able to clinch a deal. However, due to the sales staff with the help of the president’s wife let them firmly determined to buy the ring determination, so that the transaction completed successfully.

with celebrity influence to do

1. "clever pull customers always borrowing power to do evil" celebrities are the focus of public opinion. In the fierce competitive market, celebrities used goods, not only can gain the trust of consumers to a great extent, but also can enhance the reputation of their shops, with the society for the star sought after, shrewd businessmen can use for their campaign, to stimulate the customers desire to buy. Compared with other means of marketing, this celebrity with the influence of the well-known way is more convenient and rapid.

2. "to" seize the consumer psychology. For most consumers

now, there are a lot of people into the wave of entrepreneurship, hoping to change the quality of life through entrepreneurship. Not only men, many women also have the idea of entrepreneurship. Gansu Dingxi in order to encourage and support women’s entrepreneurship, small loan approval 600 million, in order to promote women’s entrepreneurial wealth process.

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