education industry has been the pillar of society, but also the parents are most concerned about the topic, the successful entry of a chain of education should pay attention to what, and then go to the next look at it.


education chain shop note:

education chain quality first, price second. With the development of early childhood education to join the market, many people choose to train partners have gradually formed loyalty, willing to choose the quality of their training institutions. Although in the selection process, the price still has an important influence, but the quality of the training evaluation is more and more familiar to people, people began to pay attention to the quality and effect of training feedback, the lowest quality training course will be eliminated.

in fact, each is very thick with the chain store in business education projects, pay attention to the contents do not overlook the industry to understand. Because of the different language groups, different consumer attitudes are likely to become your loyal customers. However, this is a long-term development process, the need for entrepreneurs from the characteristics, personality and even brand awareness, brand strategy and other aspects of thinking yo.

with the era of science and technology, we have a large demand for mobile phones. Many young people, even young children have entered a dangerous period of myopia. How do you choose to learn magic board? Good projects, good choice, high-quality entrepreneurial projects, always very trustworthy!

due to the magic of Deere super learning board belongs to the patent product, has been the industry experts praise, so in the market very popular. The deer learning board? The super learning board uses the LED dir no flash lamp eye, white light, DC flashover, avoid light too bright or too dark, cause myopia. Voice broadcast + micro vibration switch to remind the two functions, family schools can be used, the child with the rest assured that parents look comfortable.

magic deer learning board?

The best partner

the magic super dir learning board let the children farewell glasses, myopia prevention from the start, let’s say NO glasses together. Magic deer learning board how anti myopia, sitting posture, the national patent products, 5-18 years of age can be applied to young students. Use the dir super learning board without supervision, automatically correcting the writing posture, away from the harm of myopia.

reliable brand franchise projects, the best choice for trust. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the magic deer learning board project, is the right choice! If you join the magic deer learning board project, is also a very exciting. Echocardiography is better than action!

strongly encourages entrepreneurship some small and medium-sized enterprise business personnel, can now be said to have become the main melody of a social nature, at the same time, in the area of Anhui recently also issued a series of plans, let’s look at.

"" Jianghuai entrepreneurial action plan (2015 – 2017) "will be the full implementation of creating dream, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial pilot nesting, smooth financing, youth entrepreneurship and high-end entrepreneurial talent, entrepreneurship, migrant workers returning home eight college-graduate village official business projects; actively build business service cloud platform of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition platform two service platform. The overall goal is: 2015 – 2017, the province’s newly registered enterprises more than 350 thousand, driven by more than 1 million employees. The entrepreneurship policy support system to further improve the business service system perfect, entrepreneurial environment comprehensive optimization, innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere of increasingly strong, promote employment, entrepreneurship and innovation spawned a new impetus to the economic development is becoming increasingly obvious effect.

subsidy policy

in the "eight projects focus on building action plan", creating dream project will record passenger space, entrepreneurship coffee, innovative workshops and other new incubator model through the promotion, and guide social capital to accelerate the construction of a number of low cost, convenience, all elements, the open space of public record. In Hefei, Wuhu, Bengbu and other central cities will be built more than 10 market, specialization, integration, networking, demonstration of public space. And the introduction of public space rent, broadband network subsidies for small and micro enterprises, incubators and angel investment to invest in innovative activities, such as tax support.


billion of funds will enrich the business loan guarantee fund and financial discount

In order to solve the problem of

two sessions is an annual event, the two sessions in Hebei recently held in Shijiazhuang, the meeting and what is the difference? The fifth session of the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) will be held in Shijiazhuang tomorrow for a period of 4 and a half days. Ben learned from the Secretariat of the general assembly, before the preparatory work has been y ready, today will be officially registered members.

will be frugal, delicate gas is to do, has become the norm NPC and CPPCC. According to Ren Huijun, Deputy Secretary General of the CPPCC Hebei Province, in order to further serious meeting discipline, establish a good wind, the meeting formulated 14 measures". These 14 measures, both involved in the participants, but also involved in the conference staff; not only the requirements of the behavior of the venue, but also set out the relevant activities outside the venue norms.

for example, the provisions of the six members of the participants are not allowed: not allowed to be late, do not leave the absence, not the venue, not in the conference call, not in the whispering and walk around, are not allowed to stay outside the venue to chat. The participants of the provisions of the eight committee activities prohibited, including strictly prohibited illegal illegal use of the bus, organize or participate in various banquets, no mutual souvenirs or shopping card, forbidden to participate in high consumer entertainment and fitness activities, prohibited the accommodation at the station outside. At the same time, the disciplinary action is also proposed measures for the implementation of the absence of leave or leave without permission to participate in the meeting without permission, late, leave early, leaving more than 1 hours, are informed.

The successful convening of the two sessions of

, to bring more people to understand, but also the meeting, the need to emphasize discipline, no one is allowed to leave without permission. The meeting drew up more stringent austerity measures. Do not put flowers and plants inside, do not put disposable towels; outside do not build a rainbow door, not flying balloons; streets around the venue hanging flags, banners. Dining arrangements buffet, not on the wine, do not arrange senior dishes, promote the CD action.

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now more and more electronic products, causing harm to people’s eyes, and in the power of science and technology, the eye lamp began to officially come out. However, although the market is not a long time, but the market also has a lot of big brands. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten brands of eye care, so that people can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

eye lamp ten brands list NO.1, PHILPS lighting: founded in 1891 in Holland, the world leader in home lighting, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, PHILPS Electronics (China) Investment Co., ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.2, OPPLE OPPLE: founded in 1996, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, famous brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, one of the most valuable brands, OPPLE lighting (Zhongshan) Co. ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.3, GUANYA: Guanya Guangdong famous trademark, Guangdong famous brand, the high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, high-quality eye lamp manufacturers, eye ten brands, Zhongshan City, Guangyang Electrical Appliance Co. ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.4, Mingkeda MKD: in 1984, one of the earliest domestic lamps manufacturing enterprises, Guangdong province famous trademark, Guangdong famous brand, high-tech enterprises, Heshan Mingkeda Industries Co. ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.5, committed to the development of professional spower child: energy-saving lamp, reading lamp, electrical products and children’s health products company, Shenzhen city health family Industrial Development Co. ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.6, Matsushita Panasonic: in 1918 in Japan, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world brand, large multinational companies, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Panasonic (China) Co. ltd..

Huwendeng ten brands list NO.7, OSRAM OSRAM, was founded in Germany, one of the two light source lighting manufacturers in the world, one of the most innovative companies in the world, OSRAM (China) Lighting Co. ltd..

eye care lamp ten brands list NO.8, YAGE YAGE: Guangdong province famous brand, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong Province high-tech enterprises, the industry famous brand, Guangdong Power Technology Co., ltd..

eye protection lamp ten brands list NO.9, LIAN LIAN: in 1993, Guangdong province famous trademark, large comprehensive enterprise group, the earliest / largest production empty >

limited funds as a small investor, it is very important to do. Efforts to do the same can be the biggest business. This is true in business people who want to send a few words, I hope everyone can learn, entrepreneurial path smoothly.

1, time = value. Don’t waste too much time looking for projects, see success, see failure, look for information to find a shortcut to business, our time is precious.

2, evaluate yourself. Re evaluate your own, summarize yourself, not read, read, learn the information, information, experience the many aspects of the business can feel, do not despise their business on the road, do not raise their business intelligence.

3, practice basic skills. Entrepreneurship is not difficult at all, the reason is very simple: you will not go, want to run, is bound to fall. Many of the small business friends think that in the business of the game can run a few laps, so a variety of entrepreneurial games always want to try, after the game failed to find their lack of exercise. Only the usual accumulation of exercise you can face up to your own strength in the end can not run, how far can run.

4, we are potential people. People’s business intelligence and entrepreneurial potential can be infinitely improved, do not have to sigh with others’ success and wealth. A considerable number of small entrepreneurial friends after many years still feel that they did not improve, do not succeed. That is, you always have their own positioning is wrong, it is not too late to correct. From now on the practice of basic skills, when you have a solid basic skills, you go back to see what you have been interested in information, there will be a big difference.

5, from the bottom of the practice. Practice basic skills is not difficult, to return to the atmosphere of the mainstream business around you, even if you start from the stall, you will accumulate a little bit of your own experience wealth. Keep in mind that other people’s success, experience, thinking is someone else, can never be cloned. To be successful, it is easy to say, is to find ways to use a variety of commercial practice activities as soon as possible to form a set of only for your own dedicated experience, thinking mode. No one can help you, only rely on you to understand. Once the basic skills into practice, then you will feel it is not difficult to make money to start a business. There is nothing magical about the rich than we are, but they are more aware of the importance of their basic skills than we are now and try to practice them.

6, unknowingly harvest everything. There is no shortcut to practice basic skills, but it does not mean to endure hardship. Maybe when you change your position for a few months, a few days later, you will find something new. Pay more attention to your side of the public business, regardless of size, which is not allowed to let you experience the experience to find the key to open the door of their business intelligence.

7, hard, pragmatic. Whether it is a traditional entity or e-commerce, you need to be pragmatic and hard work.

China is now more and more attention to intellectual property rights, engaged in the cause of more and more people. However, due to the late start of the industry, leading to a lot of people for the industry’s knowledge is not thorough enough, it is difficult to keep up with the service. To this end, there are a number of places around the country will provide relevant training. The first Hunan intellectual property entrepreneurship mentor training courses held in Changsha.

in order to strengthen the construction of the business mentor team, improve the level of entrepreneurial services, in December 20th, Hunan’s first intellectual property mentor training courses held in Changsha. The director of the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office Xiao Xiangqing attended the opening ceremony and speech.

Xiao Xiangqing pointed out that the promotion of public entrepreneurship and innovation, the leading role of entrepreneurial mentors should not be underestimated. To carry out this training is not only the needs of national innovation driven development strategy and the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also the development of intellectual property in Hunan. I hope the students to seriously study, strengthen exchanges, play a greater role in the province’s innovation and entrepreneurship service system.

training invitation from enterprises and universities 4 type of practice of intellectual property experts to carry out the "innovation and intellectual property" and "innovation based entrepreneurship and intellectual property strategy", "mobile Internet era innovation" and "intellectual property layout and operation" as the title of the lecture, but also to guide the salon students and experts in interactive communication distance, the deeper.

this training by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Xiangtan University, Institute of intellectual property and the national intellectual property rights training (Hunan) base contractors. Some colleges and universities in innovation and entrepreneurship guidance teacher and Youth League Committee responsible person, investment company, operating company, intellectual property patent operation of pilot enterprises, patent technology exhibition and Trade Center, the park and the City State Intellectual Property Office related personnel more than 100 people attended the training.

is currently the industry of our country’s intellectual property rights are to be improved, and the Hunan province to carry out such training, so as to make the province related business will undoubtedly be developed further, and promote China’s entire intellectual property industry to develop a higher, more people realize the entrepreneurial ambitions.

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although the jewelry market now products rich in all kinds of high-end products, however, will emerge in an endless stream of fashion and history, combined with the trend of classical fusion, such products are more attractive, so the ceramic jewelry products will be officially published. Ceramic has a long history, and now it has been popular in the fashion industry. This antique ceramic elements and modern elements was also so beautiful. Ceramic jewelry which brand is good? Now Xiaobian on the ten major ceramic jewelry, we can choose according to their preferences.

ceramic jewelry which brand is good? 1 Chanel ULTRA fine ceramic series

black and white, is a unique symbol of personality of CHANE Chanel lady. ULTRA series of jewelry from the intense contrast, it is from the modern works Cuilian distinctive brand personality create new styles in the. In this series, classic, permanent, bold innovation, combining the deep black and white pure color and fine ceramic technology, is the best performance of gem jewelry industry raw material transformation.

ceramic jewelry which brand is good? 2 Bvlgari BVLGARIBVLGAR fine ceramic series

BVLGARI Bvlgari’s new season BVLGARIBVLGARI series is also a bold use of black ceramic and diamond mosaic combination, making all the series more brilliant bright.

ceramic jewelry which brand is good? 3 is still the United States Paris LINES fine ceramic series

CHAUMET is the most popular beauty Paris jewelry is the most all-match series of certain non LIENS perfectly, the two models are pendant with ceramic materials with rings, diamond pieces, flashing more in black ceramic, it is worth mentioning that the brand spokesperson Sophie · Marceau is also wearing the ceramic ring in advertisement in.

ceramic jewelry which brand is good? 4 Cartire Trinity de Cartier fine ceramic series

Cartier Cartire Trinityde Cartier series of works with black high-tech fine ceramics and brilliant diamonds, platinum, a bright contrast, creating a wonderful blend of changes. Trinityde Cartier series of new jewelry to create a matte luster echo, reach the peak of perfection elegance to the classic endless permanent Sanhuan planning.

ceramic jewelry which brand is good? 5 Tiffany T

series of fine ceramics Tiffany

Tiffany T series are highly sought after in the world. Transformers

with the increasing demand for healthy living. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the creative Tahiti aerobic stone project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Quality project selection, with the advantages of joining the project, you are still hesitant what?

Tahiti creative aerobic stone perfectchoice healthy life. Regardless of house prices fall or rise, the more houses cover more. Whether residential or commercial real estate, must be renovated, are inseparable from building materials. This is not the renovation upgrade, the transformation of the old room, store maintenance; two years after the peak of marriage, marriage room decoration; the upcoming 90 marriage peak…… So building materials industry prospects. Tahiti stone advocates low carbon, oxygen and energy, is the essential choice of your healthy life.

from the pursuit of quality of life to the pursuit of life attitude, modern people’s consumption concept more and more mature. The life of modern people is getting more and more proud from aerobic life to aerobic decoration. Tahiti is creative aerobic stone can highlight good decoration effect, a lot of decoration companies are using it, Tahiti creative aerobic stone is now decorated with more of a brand, can make the home decoration more on the level, but also will not spend a lot of money. For consumers and designers, creative decision style, style determines taste, taste determines consumption. People don’t know much about it, but the experience is much better, and the advantages are naturally known.

technology has brought countless surprises and wealth to our lives, Tahiti is one of creative aerobic stone strongly suggests that each product line is mainly to health and environmental protection, and compared with the traditional brand, it is more practical. At the same time, it can easily be installed seamlessly, in line with people’s aesthetic requirements.

The best choice for

Home Furnishing good life, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the creative Tahiti aerobic stone project, an open their own creative Tahiti aerobic stone stores, in fact, is not very profitable choice?

public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation emphasizes the national and innovative, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people of entrepreneurship, we can not ignore the female entrepreneurs. It is the demand of the times and the necessity of the development of the capital to support the venture by means of funds and policies.

to encourage women entrepreneurs to solve the funding problem, the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province, continue to promote the financial discount women small secured loans, 2015 has a total of 7 billion 520 million yuan loans, more than 160 thousand people to benefit women entrepreneurs.

will support for the implementation of women’s participation in Entrepreneurship and innovation policy in place, in the process of promoting women small loans to implement the policy, the relevant departments to actively communicate and coordinate, effectively solve the problem because of bad credit records of state finance caused by the lag of discount interest funds. In addition, the Heilongjiang provincial women’s Federation also contacted the provincial investment Guarantee Corporation, providing centralized financial credit for female college students entrepreneurs, clear the barriers to women’s participation in entrepreneurial innovation.

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