easy language represents an action, we humans of a language is neither fast nor slow, on behalf of our human’s behavior. In the next 90 young master, all brothers and sisters laughed today, simply say do stand a few months of experience, also and you want to exchange their hands, compensate each other, and common progress, to achieve a win-win situation!

in the next few years, 2 years of learning Xhtml and DIV+CSS since that level is still OK, you can completely write your own stand-alone site, although there is no function at all. But that’s really a website, a real Web site. It’s not an open source program that is downloaded online. It’s original and copyrighted.


was in school, he looked at other people’s work, looked back at himself, smiled silently, finished his graduation and went home. What was he going to do? Looking for a job? I’m still underage. At home, the parents nag. I graduated from that baby for a month, earn several thousand, you learn what the end can not earn a. At home, rely on, white support you sad,


go to the point, stay at home for more than 2 years, nothing, every day to a desktop + a IBM daze. When you are bored, you play 3C. Play online games, it is tangled desperately. These days, bored to the webmaster network, I feel a lot of computer experts here, very want to learn from them, but who would like to share their own successful experience? When people sit there eating fish, you think of asking. How much is that dish?. The waitress won’t pay attention to you.

these days, a set of DEDECMS procedures, in the local stand a station, and they modify the next template, and I feel pretty good. But I have no money, no energy investment. See King Wang’s great success, and I can not help but want to do a stand, I hope to rely on the station to earn some money, so that parents see, we are no worse than the outside of the baby, we are bloody Chinese dragon!


is that how to do, in the A5 forum to see a IDC space to engage in activities, free of charge, I opened the 1 room in there, you can put 3 station, I used the DEDECMS program on the 2 station, bought 2 1 yuan CN domain name. I’ll start my journey.

said the webmaster webmaster bitter, tired, after I finished the station I knew, not write acquisition rules, slowly update it, (do not despise my poor, poor China much, not everyone money please people to write acquisition rules, I’m just a kid) 2 stations. Update 20 pieces of pseudo original every day. Baidu 3 days included. Google and other engines have also been included.

looked at his station growing day by day, just like his own child, and that kind of feeling, don’t mention how warm it is. Every day I open my website for my parents to see. My parents say, "just have a website. Can you make money?"

a simple sentence, I woke up. Yes, what do you stand for? You want to make money? You stand there

first admitted that he had a relatively low level of education and that he entered society after graduation from primary school. He also has several years of time in the network, has been in the "chat room", until one day in 2007, I met her, and her contacts, she learned love watch series, and is often anxious because of watching the address could not be found. From then on, I have been trying to open a movie station, but I’ve been looking for lots and lots of programs. I’ll come to the webmaster every day to see if there are any good programs. Until early 2008, in stationmaster net to see "Marx", I was attracted to the name "Marx", "Marx" will think of the heart still think this website is so personality, Download Marx program, after debugging a night, finally succeeded, but they don’t know how to operate, the so-called the label himself, then delete the installer preliminary, in their own local computer installed IIS, "Marx" detailed understanding and skilled operation.

in 2008 April, more and more friends looking at the Marx forum had to acknowledge the public eye. They think they can open their own television station, busy and prepare for the establishment, the original purchase of the domain name, think a lot, a lot, opened his own television station for the purpose of what is separate to her or to share together with the public?. Recall that you bought a chat room in 07 years. The serial number is: 8089. It is called "blue sky"". With his attachment to this name, the formal purchase of www.yl8089.com domain name, the site named: leisurely blue film and television

after the opening of the site, every day still enter the Marx forum, see the forum friends write the post, slowly oneself think, oneself opened the film and television station, why not try to share with you?. So, for the first time, give the website’s address to QQ’s buddy. Changed the signature of the forum for the first time. A few days later, I found out, from the original 2 visits per day, a little increase to 100 per day, the heart of great joy.

site with slowly growing, watching my friends are discussing how to give the website promotion, they began to search the website promotion skills in Baidu, watching countless related articles, the eyes are looking at flowers, there are many ways, is not what it will do summary. At this time, his thought had helped a friend to update the driver software station, remembered he once said to me, to promote the site, must have its own promotion plan, in the network course, only as a reference. Their daily bubble in the forum post, QQ group mass, using a variety of publicity methods, the results of one by one blocked ID.

then he was wondering whether he wanted to collect all of them or add them manually. But as a webmaster, I change my thinking into the role of the user, I try to think, if I am a user, landing this station, the first impression will be how, if watching TV speed >!

may only be unable to access the Internet, these perennial site personal webmaster who have time to think about the problem, planning life. The site has been close to two years, the work is again and again three in exchange, only to find a good wages, good working environment, plenty of time to work, because now in the website, still remain in the stage of the site to make money.

to the new company has been more than three months, actually, the company itself does not eight hours of work time up to half an hour at work, more than seven hours in the other to engage in their own personal station, often the boss walked into our office, I’m ashamed, always feel to do the wrong, sorry, sorry, boss. This is probably the most enterprise network management work model. For a long time, there will not be so much guilt, because the boss confessed things are done, work idle, it is because the company itself is less, you want to find something for yourself, that is the brain.

come to the company every day, the general workflow is: update the website, promotion, publicity, see statistics, poor income (boss occasionally to assign some tasks, the probability is very small, 10%, this is the most). In fact, life still quite full, watching the flow of every day in high natural income has soared, the heart that call a music; of course also suffered when the server from the provider (suspected of illegal, banned to shut down, to the sealing station), SARFT (by telephone warning 2 second, when the first one is the administration of radio, scared me not out of the urine, thought to catch me; the second is not so nervous…… We should still experience more things, hey hey, the site itself (traffic decline, weight drop, suffered malicious attacks) that can be called a bitter ah,


let Adsense most uncomfortable is not Internet, this seems to be isolated from the world, as if into a bottomless abyss, unable to extricate oneself…… Today I deeply appreciate this in taste, our company is through the router and switch the more than 20 computer at the same time the Internet, but today suddenly even in the exchange of 16 machines are not only in the Internet, the router can (routers connected with the boss, the front desk and financial machine), this I have to hurry under ah, scratching it, that guy is terribly hot, uncomfortable ah…… Suffering a morning, noon break finally could not resist, while the boss eating out secretly to change the line, without demur immediately update the site, about two hours to www.film361.com and www.lx165.com to update hastily finished, the boss to eat too fast, eat lunch for 2 hours, I before the company boss can generally eat out to dinner at noon, afternoon, come back when the general work.

for a moment, I have a friend call, this Ya excited word will not bang (the past speak one-time say not complete a word, it will be several jump), the excitement is not.

today opened the Baidu search keywords, Wuhan network, Wuhan photography photography and other related industries Baidu for a lot of places, I found the new Wuhan photography network also has a relatively good rankings, ranked fourth in full, all other words are ranking, this is a good thing, but Baidu snapshot update also very timely, heart also particularly pleased to A5 and we exchange

is the first to talk about how to choose the word, a friend of my photography is done, in the Wuhan area, a month to spend some money in bidding Baidu Wuhan photography class keyword, while pay, want to grasp natural ranking website, I used this idle domain www.meinvshow.com do first try, bathroom find a good CMS just got a template, write CSS, immediately shelves.

2 days before the start of the

manual, sent some of Wuhan photography keywords of text, for example, where art photo shoot good ah, where the photo shoot relatively affordable ah, Wuhan where the wedding is good, such as regular someone industry topic (later found this trick effect really good ah).

because of the domain name relationship, that day Baidu included, and the title and description actually still in 200, this makes me interested in observing the test station?.

3-4, a small amount of data acquisition, acquisition finished, change under the title (some pictures of me and the chain, a finishing, depressed me, so when we collected must look at the acquisition station has set the security chain, lest trouble!)

just last weekend, every day sent 7 pseudo original, in A5 and some friends change links, send blog what, anyway, is the introduction of the chain of practice.

yesterday was the eighth day, I search on LINKHELPER, even the PR value, and many popular keywords, row in the home, Wuhan Wuhan art photography network, such as, oh look at traffic, there is also a lot of income related to the keywords of Wuhan photography.

first wrote here, said a process, may be very simple to say, but they are all personal experience, and have ideas, we communicate together, exchange, promote progress!


is not a painting, written in A5: Wuhan photography network http://www.meinvshow.com

welcome Paizhuan

1, crack system default home page.

have a lot to do before the break the system of the forum, such as wind, depth. The default home page of the hack system is set up as their site navigation station. Thus the birth of 114, 1616, and a number of well-known and highly visited web site navigation station. Although the tomato garden is harmonious, and later, ylmf depth, computer company special edition stopped to break the system update and release, but there is still a lot of fear of death in crack system. The reason why these people take the risk, is nothing more than coveted site navigation station this cake.

2, software installation, modify home page.

Have their own web site navigation

Pinyin Gaga, universal five pen, eMule, fashion, Vagaa, QQKav and other free software, when users install or use the software, home page will be modified into a software company site navigation station.

3, search engine ppc.

buys keywords for search engines. 123li.com is a good example, although the name of this navigation station is not very good, remember, popularity is not high, but the page is similar to hao123. 123li.com bought some of the keywords for Telecom 114 search. Careful friends may find that the site error, jump out of Telecom 114 of the page, if it is site navigation station related search, in the first place must be this site.

4, domain name parking page ads

recently discovered that many websites have the same pages, and a web navigation link points to a web site called 2345. The site’s page is relatively simple, is an original web site navigation station, there is no other copyright information, but from the home page of advertising, it should be the name of Fu Fu’s Web site navigation station. It’s also a good way to promote it.

, a company known as tens of millions of users, by investing the money spent two or three years, then began to use the user is realized, the result was dumbfounded, income of only tens of thousands of pieces, so we are stupid. What is this problem? It is estimated that many people do not know, some people say that the realization of the problem of way, some people say that the strategy is, in fact, the most fundamental or user problems.


One obvious reason for the emergence of

is that what they call users are not users, or they are not users at all. For a long time, many people have made a lot of mistakes in the identification of user characteristics, so that users who are not users have done a lot of meaningless work. In today’s category of Internet start-ups, there are a lot of users who exaggerate, so let me give you a few examples.

mistook PV for user

has encountered a game community of people talking, say we do community activities, there are hundreds of millions of PV users, sometimes the activities of a user billion, I listen to, the user amount is so large, and the income of at least about WeChat, ask, what do you rely on profit, the other said no profit and investment. This case belongs to the mistake when the user does not stop PV, propaganda, finally I was shocked, let me admire each other, then download App a look dumbfounded, he said the activity is similar to the H5 event page, such as a small survey, a constellation of vote, can share a circle of friends to share, to micro-blog, then these shared pages will have a lot of pv…… And then there’s no more.

In fact, these are not

users, they just visitors, visitors may even not, these 90% users can not generate revenue for the enterprise, they are WeChat users, or just micro-blog users, if in accordance with the independent IP, then according to the real active users, then according to the count of loyal users…… I don’t think so. In the future, it will be even less if it comes to realization.

mistakenly downloads when the user


see a App PR Article XX, celebrate the downloads exceeded 50 million, I laughed, downloads is really a void of the data, using a simple procedure, a brush does not have, the estimated ten minutes of things, or to find people to change the number of background program words the line. Of course, there are more wonderful articles, active users more than the registered users, a App 100 registered users, and has 200 active users, is also looking for venture capital investment, do not know the user’s logic is how to calculate the. There are a lot of things, mostly unprofessional, or in order to fool around.

if you have downloaded and there are 50 million, even if the user downloads, but from downloads to users still have a long way, the user may accidentally click on the download is calculated, in fact, the user is not.

see a lot of the station, that is a little achievement station to write, then to a point of view of these grassroots grassroots webmaster we write an article for the next, I began to do stand up to now fully prepared to have 1 and a half hours, so many things do not understand technology, not to mention a chicken ribs, I do stand now is chicken ribs, no traffic, Baidu included two pages do not know in which position (or extremely behind), as to what time included I don’t know.

I do stand is very simple template with DZ made a forum for the contents, I turn from the Internet (or copy it), have written some (very time), there are a lot of friends say the station grew up pseudo original, yet Holi so, anyway, on his website every day to update the post, the promotion also has done but don’t think most of friends so professional, just send some post publicity, but deleted a lot, see a lot of friends say SEO, watching a little did not feel what to learn, do not know who master SEO is how to do.

started thinking flow can do it yourself, but unfortunately the fact that my level is limited, so you see the Admin5 article found several basic


website promotion is nothing more than the following aspects: E-mail, QQ, go to the forum posting publicity, write soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, post, know, offline promotion, SEO.

E-mail, I haven’t thought about it. I’m lazy. QQ thought about it, but it’s a pity that a lot of people become viruses, and they waste me a lot of talking. Soft Wen, this is the first time to write, but my writing level, but I personally dare not compliment. Blog, there have been, traffic is not large, you can consider a way. Now, there are a lot of deleted posts, their level is limited. Know, a lot of hair, no results. Offline promotion, tired, left to other friends do.

apart from these, I think that is to buy traffic, and I do not have the money to buy traffic, slowly hung up.

actually said so much, I want to have some friends may see, these are not the main factors we do not succeed, the most important point is that each of our webmaster mentality, no technology learn slowly and slowly made their money, but is afraid of your enthusiasm, many do stand boil this lonely, so just surfaced in the station when they retreat, I hope this article can give the webmaster friends a reminder, do not let your passion, this is what we do need most station.

registered the domain name in 05 years, teda- Tianjin economic and Technological Development Zone, it-, needless to say, www.yibangjx.com. The earliest thing to do was a download station. The weight on Baidu is ok. Because there is no optimization, every day is a few hundred IP, 1000pv or so. Anyway, I didn’t have it at that time. What kind of business did he do? It was just fun. Yes, the data were collected at that time. Webmaster Station is the article, plus some web site source code.

has been around for 2 years, and a friend bought a server. He gave me a big space. At that time I can not think of the link. It was a very hard time. Get all the pictures, the code, the software all to the local. Baidu, Googl traffic has been up again. But good times don’t last long. Friends also do the download station. But he belongs to the garbage station. He’s on the server’s main station. By Baidu K. Second days later, my website was missing from Baidu. Fortunately, Google’s collection is quite normal. Write to Baidu and so forth, and you have done enough work. Is not included in the

later, when he got busy, he hung up his website and didn’t update it. Until a short time ago, I received a letter from the Baidu alliance saying my website had been validated – the last time Baidu had an amnesty. At that time did not care, but also want to be hacked in the heart of the site, back to me to open promotion, this is not pulled,


began to contact zblog in late April and felt the process was good. So he made www.yibangjx.com a little blog. And made a small style for zblog! I didn’t expect Baidu to give me a surprise on labor day. He gave me the solution. Site:www.yibangjx.com has 79 results. Although the result is the original site, but I believe that in the near future, the small station will once again show the unique side in the results.

for SEO I almost know nothing about it, but I think a web site will be included in the search engine first, the absolute condition is that search engines know the existence of this site. There are many ways to let him know, but the most direct way is to have you in his database. Submit this included, everyone will do. But for Baidu, there is a more effective way to apply for an alliance. The result is not important, but he will review it when you submit it. As long as the audit will have results. The best result is that your website has been lucky enough to pass. At worst, your web site will also have a niche in Baidu’s database.

starting A5! Reprint, please keep the address http://www.yibangjx.com

for the design of the user experience, I am a layman, I really do not understand the user design, the more don’t talk about the design of advanced experience, but I want to talk about the user oriented design of advanced experience from a layman’s point of view, why is there such a proposition? I say he is a layman for an ordinary visitor but, you design are service for them, you will agree! So now we talk from an ordinary user’s point of view of advanced experience design, we all know that thinking power of it, when the special user design designers into thinking it is difficult in the circle go out, have a better understanding and breakthrough. A few years of Internet learning, a little bit of experience and insights, and today we briefly analyze the psychology of visitors. We can look at, such as enterprises encounter a difficult breakthrough, experts have studied for a long time is very hard to break, suddenly a of this is completely unprofessional presents a simple approach, such as all filled with wisdom, click into place, why there is such a situation? The study found that the expert knowledge is are too abstruse, are struggling to find an extraordinary, obscure way, while an ordinary man, in his knowledge, not so much theory, look at the problem in his world, just a simple one, and it is easy to break through the inherent mode of thinking.

So is the design of our WEB

, different departments meeting the storm, is a very good solution when the WEB designer, the problems encountered, certainly not a technical problem, but the problem of user experience, can put these on the agenda, so that some people do not understand to talk about the view and put forward the necessary solution is necessary. We will discuss this topic from the visitor’s point of view:

: I’m satisfied with your design,


group of visitors media sites are not in our direct interest, but it is because the visitors there, only to make our website into the media, can you offer me the concern information? Your page is not decent work, let me see how long the visual fatigue are not aware of the


B2B, C2C and so on product sales platform, visitors directly benefit the source page visual design beautiful, convenient button design, important information display, special products, goods that highlights the integrity of the customer service service, where I buy these effects you can let me not look for in full screen? A convenient channel for me to find my love goods? I can goods than three


second: will I accept your change,


remember? I’m your old customer, how many years I have been silently supporting your website, today I can’t find my personal center, I couldn’t find my friend today, today I will not page decoration, today I will not price comparison, today I find the search button, today I can’t find the product I want. These changes are yours

must be as long as a community forum webmaster forum website operation halberd know, than the more difficult, among other things, it is how to attract and retain visitors do not know how many webmaster to consume with the energy of brain cells, although I am not a tenant into community operators, but the operating time of the Forum long more or less will be some experience to share with you a few suggestions, if interested may wish to look at the following I summed up the


suggested that 1) the proper use of forum integral grade improve user interest — when you post the website do have a certain appeal, or when there is a certain flow to the user, this time we might as well put the forum level slightly adjusted, such as setting members visit some forum requires a certain amount of post with integral, or is a member of the download some accessories need to consume the number of points… In order to access some forum members, will be mad to raise their own membership level, as long as the members willing to raise their own forum, so webmaster forum is also necessary for the active and the amount of post about


suggested 2) in order to improve the user accounts for the viscous, we can always hold some webmaster prize activities, saying "bear a child sets the wolf, reluctant to catch lady-killer daughter-in-law", instead of putting all the webmaster money in publicity, owners also rather than leave some money to buy some prizes to reward us. Forum members, usually held some activities can not only active forum atmosphere, but also can enhance the user loyalty to our forum so to encourage you in the sand, the webmaster held a lot of some prize activities, such as the T send reward, with integral or forum seckill goods, redeem prizes

suggested 3) forum webmaster can not add too many sections, for "fine" is better than "more" — for the number of Forum Forum, webmaster for "fine" is better than "more", if you suddenly increase the number of pages, but the manager has only one person, how could you have to manage, and to finally accomplish nothing, not as good as the first start from the little start, therefore, to sand is best not to add too much in this section when you were advised of the initial, wait for your forum to do, have a certain amount of post is to visit with the time in full

expansion is not too late!

suggested 4) for the forum by optimization, such as selection of pseudo static, or dynamic web search engines is prohibited if the above three is to be able to please the user, then the next station is the thing to do is to please each big search engine, general domestic use Adsense source code is not D that is PhPwind, and happen to be the two source of the forum is to support the pseudo static function, therefore, in order to improve the favorability of search engine on our forum, our webmaster must open the pseudo static function to


in addition, in order to avoid web site by the major search engines repeated included, and thus dispersed the weight of the site, sand to teach everyone here a small >!