through the example above, we can draw the following conclusions:

first, confirmation page is included in


on the Internet to see a lot of discussion about the picture ALT attribute value optimization and no use of topic search engine, because the original intention is to set the ALT attribute value, because the search engines can not effectively identify the picture and setting, and not for the user experience, if the value of the ALT property is no longer valid, then we can not set the value of ALT, you can save a lot of time for editing and development. Here we use an example to verify the value of the ALT property and no effect:


fourth, Google also appear to match the results

keywords of the page

above is a case on the Internet to find the value of the ALT attribute as "North Huaqiang electronic market price index week trend", the source of the page only such a word, through the search engine grab simulation display, without this keyword, do online discussion the value of the ALT attribute has no use for search engine optimization really? I also have doubts, however, still some search engines also after all not to regard it as right, can not effectively identify the picture information (this is the experience that truly achieve which point, only the search engine internal engineers know). And this is just a simulation tool, I took this attitude in the online search engines for example. Hard work pays off, I finally found.

1. currently in love with Google Shanghai or through the ALT property value to determine the types of images, pictures ALT attribute value for search engine optimization or continue to have effect;

first, to verify the simulation through the search engine spiders below by a picture of Huaqiang electronic network as an example page.

2. only through the search keywords, the love of Shanghai. There are many related results in the fourth row, Google is only three, and in the first row, which proves that Google pay more attention to the relevance of search results than the love of Shanghai;

3. we should according to the picture to express information to the picture to ALT property assignment, do search.

third, the love Shanghai search "bedroom _1880x1032 click Browse next:" the kitchen only keywords appear matching results of


secondly, confirm the value of the ALT attribute "bedroom _1880x1032 click browse a kitchen:" as the only


– "digital treasure" in

This is a

so WeChat index attention is very obvious, occupy a very high weight in the marketing of WeChat WeChat today, the lack of data analysis is clearly not complete to the marketing people, people can only come through the past marketing evaluation amount of reading and points like the standard amount of a single, but now through the WeChat index as a secondary standard, undoubtedly solution marketing people as pressing danger.

data in the world, but only some Digimon data exists.

three, the electricity supplier class: Ali (index sellers toolbox), Taobao ranking;

nineteenthFollowing the

small program, WeChat index once again set off a wave of small climax, the media ridicule: WeChat and Shanghai index which is to love daleitai? In fact, whether it is on the WeChat index or index of Shanghai love sought after, we have derived from the data of the increasingly heavy reliance and trust.

comes with such tools because of its powerful database features, often valued communication effect of marketing people, according to the above analysis, brand events marketing people to grasp the heat, hot the whole society.


such tools are not uncommon, the main practical index according to the classification are the following:

we present common big data analysis tool is divided into two categories, one is with the data source data to "love the Shanghai index, WeChat index" as the representative of the analysis tools, their own data sources, information open and transparent, everyone can check.

this trust will only make us back more than 10 years ago and friends in the TV front row sat watching the "digital treasure" of the era, in the Digimon world, all creatures are formed by the data including, all the content can be used for data analysis, in this world, data is everything.

is also now as our world, your personality, preferences, habits are likely to be collected, and the formation of consumer preferences such as the value of information for enterprise use, data has become an important index for people to work. "The data world" since a trend which cannot be halted under this trend, the US, and how to become a master of the data, so the data to better serve us is the first step to understand them?.

"data world": public index analysis tool

Video: China network video index, Iqiyi index, love Shanghai video index, Sohu, Tencent, video index index video Youku index >;

, the browser’s love: Shanghai (the largest domestic index index class), Sogou index (provide focus ranking) and 360 index (layout similarity and love Shanghai index, Google index (honey) over the wall is a ridge);

two, new media: Micro index (good tools for micro-blog special and short-time monitoring), WeChat index (limitless future);

speaking of things turn, appeared in yesterday morning, wake up early, open the site, suddenly saw a thing, that is the site of the home page, "this two word home page" no, look for a long time, is the need to put the mouse in the air.

3, I started to think about why weight inside pages will be higher than the home page, because the weight of high priority display, that is, my higher than the weight of the inside pages of my home page. Why is this? I started to think that what happened recently, in fact, only to make a change, or change a column page name, but I know that this will not cause such effects. Then, think carefully, if there is one thing that is my space had a problem, I let the space for I looked at my website, they have my background account password. Then tell me again, I suddenly feel, is when they modify things which code is not appropriate? Careful examination found No. Just recently busy doing the WeChat project, not really.

today is the theme of the website ranking suddenly dropped out, how to do? A week ago, I love the Tianjin Shanghai dragon keywords ranking first in Shanghai, has been stable in the top three, suddenly fell to say no, look carefully, is the weight of the inside pages above the home page, search Tianjin Shanghai dragon a I have the column page ranking in the 60 page can’t find. I believe many of my friends have encountered a similar situation. The site was ranked well, suddenly there is no sign, No. No trouble, and then began to complain of love Shanghai and convulsions. To be honest, love the sea will indeed exhaust, however, is not so easy for you. So, when a similar situation, first ask yourself what do website. The following is my analysis, I believe that we have, where the value of the.

2, check their website is not all the words of the rankings are not, the search found, Tianjin Shanghai Longfeng, Jinshan Shanghai Longfeng ranked in the normal, are home front, but all my pages. Long tail words, such as the Tianjin Shanghai dragon is the first diagnosis. Begin to understand the problem, appear on the home page.

1, I first look, your site is not encountered right down, to be honest, my website will not be right down, because I am confident that this site is my personal effort, no cheating. Moreover, there are a lot of people always pay attention to me, so I will not drop right, site, domain name or home page, so this is no problem.

said Jinshan Shanghai dragon haven’t published some related knowledge of the Shanghai dragon. Today, in the middle of the night time, just off, suddenly want to write a little problem recently appeared on your own website. Methods to solve the problems by themselves, let more friends pay attention to these, make fewer mistakes. Well, the Tianjin Shanghai dragon to enter the topic, first said to myself this recent Tianjin Shanghai dragon blog problems.


The Internet

website content is beyond doubt, its role mainly from two aspects of speaking, on the one hand, search engine, search engine index is often very important title, a good title often can make the search engine more love, faster speed index, lay the foundation for a large number. On the other hand, for the user, the title to do innovative and unique, allows the user to quickly find in many of the content, and can let users feel find everything fresh and new feeling out of the ordinary. So the content should be innovation of the original title. How to achieve this unique innovation? We can not grasp the question type title, event title, Title Three title this type of speculation, often can cause the user empathy and curiosity, can bring more traffic, have a great benefit.

website is composed of many content, but even in rich content can not allow all users to read. Therefore, in order to further enhance the user stickiness, we must strengthen the content recommendation. The importance of content recommendation is often the site.


1, innovation of the original

titleThe importance of Title

website operation process must constantly create content, so that more users can more comprehensive knowledge, solve doubts. Content is the end user of the landing page, for users, between the quality of the content is related to the depth of view. The higher the quality of the content allows users to increase the residence time, caused by the behavior of the next step or visit again, the collection site etc.. The content of the website is so important, but the Internet there are too many similarities in the content, directly affect the creation of limitations. How to do well the quality of website content? As the search algorithm caused by the adjustment of the more important contents of quality assessment and therefore website marketing also strengthened attention in this regard. Here I have to talk about their own views, I hope to be able to help, also hope to be able to interact with individual colleagues, common development and progress.


2, pay attention to the content of strategy of

the deteriorating ecological environment, in order to improve this situation, love Shanghai search engine gradually realize the original spark program, the development environment gradually give the site better, and gradually improve the user experience, show the most valuable information in the search results page, allowing users to shorten the search time, make high quality content to show, to create the Internet good ecological environment. Thus, content strategy needs more and more attention to content strategy, it is recommended to grasp the real-time content, timeliness of the content, content, content of persistent hot, plan content, practical content, promotional content of these seven kinds of content strategy, of course in the actual operation of the need for more integrated use, reasonable allocation. The central idea of the understanding of the content, so that it can create a lot of rich valuable content, so the content of strategy can not be ignored.


domain in the investment industry, recently there are a lot of domain name was acquired, which also brought up many webmaster to join the investment domain, in fact, I want to say: do you think the risks? Domain name investment is not tens of dollars, if we really want to be a professional domain name investors not dozens can fix, you at least want to buy dozens of domain name, which is thousands of tens of thousands of money, and the money you can guarantee back? Do not be some interests of the current scene breaking through the mind, each row is with high risk, should not be eating the bone.

Finally, we take a look at the

is now the morning, do not know in what way to inform people around like this thing, have received some media and friends to suspend business consulting medicine awesome things, has not recovered, also do not know how to reply to everyone, but as a long-term cooperation partners, and care about me some good teachers and helpful friends growing up, think it is very necessary and frankly told, just out of personal feelings.

look at Internet trend of a way to make money, do not know if you heard s.s.c no, there are a lot of fake platform is the legal name of the dry coat is not illegal things, every color has a special official website in China, but now there are many violations of the platform with which so many people hold Wangzhuan a day to earn hundreds of dreams into, when they finally come out only a computer with a network cable, because this is the lottery, to make money from here, you will be difficult, finally there is nothing left.


if you have to replay the entrepreneurial experience, of course I hope you sincerely look at the text, not to non write what? But I hope my friends

mentioned the word "broken axe into a boat". Many people might have heard it one hundred times from various articles, but they broke into the mouth of a boat

believe we have heard such a word: the root of meat bones, eat a bowl of soup with Rice porridge. And on the Internet in this Wangzhuan phrase was commonly known as if it has been changed to: Chew bones but not spit out the bones. The meaning of this sentence is a do not stay, many Wangzhuan is now the case, today I saw in a group of friends complain, then lift up the pen to talk about the current Internet Wangzhuan industry is a what.

1: in the face of crazy LP requirements, can calmly look at their BP


soft, more and more people joined the army of Wangzhuan soft, increased competition led to the decline in revenue is, I’ll tell you Wangzhuan friends count an account: the current market is false original 500 words 3 yuan, pseudo original 1000 words 6 yuan of money, but generally higher their typing speed is very slow, usually takes 1 hours to complete the 6 yuan of income, and work 10 hours a day but also can harvest 60 yuan in the buyers acceptance degree, this time is from the meat with your bones and profit, but some buyers get this article will disappear, this time the higher is typical of "eating bones", this is a kind of bones do not spit the bones of the common people at present black Wangzhuan wangzhuan.

also see today’s Taobao customers, Taobao has been rising off for a period of time, the beginning is very hot, but now? With many day to earn 500 to 1000 higher training institutions is under this guise to establish Taobao to do Wangzhuan site visitors, and a few can truly successful Wangzhuan? Want to succeed in this very difficult, more and more people enter the Taobao off the field, but the user has not expanded, so here is a root bones do not spit the bones of the place, we must consider clearly when entering the wangzhuan.

from the start of the first day until now, eighty percent members of the team always adhere to 996 hours, although the office has been in residential building, more than 20 people crowded in a level of less than 90 cabins, two people crowded a IKEA desk, so until today, has never been in a team in such a high efficiency play, so far, the medicine has awesome close to 1 million registered users, nearly 400 thousand users of transactions, this is not what good numbers, but this is an account of our own, in this process, we appreciate every single user, the only regret is that we don’t have to until the end of everybody’s health delivery man, we do not shirk responsibility, which is really difficult, we are not doing well.

, JASUN, Hunan radio news anchor, has worked at the treasure net, after two years of entrepreneurship, millet, current drug awesome marketing director. The early morning of May 19th, in the public, even JASUN JASUN says announced drug awesome operations have been suspended.

With the rise of

awesome 1 hours to send medicine to suspend operations in May 18, 2016 14, do not want too many statements why? The company announced two days later, as an individual, drug awesome CEO as well as the core of the team, and we hope to have the opportunity to do. This is a very valuable and valued period of my personal career. I just want to talk to you about my feelings at the end of the company.


has been very glad I met and thank you for this brand, it is like a seed of their birth, from germination to about my results, and it has been associated with growth, although the role I just a member of the founding team, please forgive me at the moment is still in the administration of awesome PR, for today’s pause I was a member of the team, can not shirk its responsibility, all members of our team should have a fault, but so far I still think the medicine awesome products, technology and other core team members, I work so many years had to spend the least money, solve the biggest problem of the team.


hot events to marketing written soft Wen also called hot hot soft, soft, the official is defined in this way, around the hot hot news events, or hot topics to review, observation, secret, view related information collation, combined with their own way to the promotion of the brand in the soft. The reason to write soft article is popular because it can bring the unexpected effect of the performance of enterprises. Today I will teach you how to use the 4 strokes by means of popular events for marketing

, a hot issues of soft Wen title is novel and unique, touch

is a soft Wen can release in five to six different platforms is better, in addition, at least a week to publish an article, if to do.

three, popular marketing don’t forget to do Shanghai dragon

a lot of people think hot events do marketing, but only in order to promote their products, but ignored the Shanghai dragon website optimization.

With the help of !Publishing platform optimization

four, hot soft Wen should be diversified, and have a frequency of

of course after analyzing the hot issues of the conclusion must be based on the conclusion derived that you need soft promotion, so that it can play a role in the promotion of

a good article can let everyone crazy reproduced, the title of the article is to attract people, whether to allow the users to read on the power is related to the soft effect is good, so is the title of the article written. Here is not to let you write what the title of the party, as long as the hot events and the title of the article is very well together, generally speaking is a tempting title, that it can own brand to get attention, and will give the reader because of his curiosity to read.


many people feel hot events do not have any relationship with their own keyword promotion, but as long as through sound reasoning, let these events effectively and their site keywords with the above, whether it is from the beginning of this article, or in the end, as long as reasonable website keywords, plus anchor keywords the text is reasonable, so the Shanghai dragon optimization effect will be greatly improved, and it will not affect the marketing promotion effect of

when writing hot soft, the hot events must be found and summarized, to express their own view, the view will cause the attention of many readers, they may not agree with you, or agree with your point of view, resulting in two arguments, if we can achieve this effect, natural is soft, pretty good.

two, discovery and summary of hot events behind

usually soft Wen release, must be carried out from different media, not every day is at a particular site, it is not conducive to the website optimization, is not conducive to the promotion of soft reading crowd, but also not conducive to the coverage of the soft wen.

The second step: The third step:

set keyword and description to find the top three websites, their Title, description copy, prepare a suitable for their own, must be better than the original, "more reasonable arrangement. Then, do the link. On the site early online, keywords can not be too extensive, should assess the core and the highest conversion rate of keywords to do until the late flow weight up and then try to do some other popular keywords.

meta do meta optimization optimization, layout optimization, internal link optimization, meta optimization is site optimization head, meta optimization is the key you can refer to the " " website based on head; set up other areas;, page layout optimization and internal link optimization method has a lot of, can try to access relevant technical data in combination with the practice and the summary, the effect will be better and better. At the same time ensure website content updates, of course, the original is better, pay attention to update not too often, also cannot update.

submit appropriate active submitted to the search engine entrance, on-line at the same time for a period of time is also estimated to have included, try to exchange the same type of Links to increase the chain. >

The fifth step: search engine !

The fourth step:

website inside and outside the chain optimization station due to various weights, and included parameters such as PR, basically no one is willing to exchange links, also can increase the chain, can temporarily give up, but the chain can be controlled. Internal chain is the most important index website each link does not appear dead links, links are accurate. So that the search engine’s eyes more outstanding. About how to optimize the site within the chain, you can refer to the " site within the chain of enterprises; how to optimize the " and will not repeat them here?.

In order to adapt to the

team and the business scope of enterprises continue to grow, enterprises began to have the idea of website. Then through outsourcing station or find similar website such cheap studio strongman website, website, website at the studio site, the site is usually enterprises in order to save costs, to promote their own website optimization! But there is no professional theoretical knowledge and practical experience, let the enterprise website optimization personnel can not start. Don’t be afraid, here strongman with many years experience in the studio, taught you how to do the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises new station, the minimum investment for maximum return

first step: to find keywords according to its own web site for some keywords, best not to look too popular keywords but not too popular, the specific operation in Shanghai, who love nobility baby in the user’s point of view under the search, if the search results appear in the full web page will give up; if most of them are inside pages. This keyword can be used. How about the specific keywords, strongman studio an article written before the " Shanghai dragon, teach you how to select the site keywords, you can learn under ".

I want to take a

recent events in July is the love of Shanghai launched 2 Scindapsus algorithm, for those who promote soft obviously had a serious blow, which shows several examples in the announcement, just a lot of Shanghai Longfeng customary soft means that many people have recently lamented, Shanghai dragon is more and more bad, more and more difficult to do. In fact, I think, love Shanghai Scindapsus 2 algorithm is just the beginning, there may be more austerity measures waiting for us in the past few years, in July 6, every year, love Shanghai always a big update on the algorithm, so we may be used on the update frequency, and for the launch of the Scindapsus algorithm 2, perhaps just a way to return to normal user experience.

this example is that many Internet companies, miniature, without any substantive things, are in a complete mess, even company executives do not know what to do, even taking VC money mess with…… Of course, at that time, there are a lot of sense in accordance with user needs to do business, they succeeded, as for the name of the website, should not have introduced.

In fact, the

for example, is to let everyone know that for a fact, if your website and other websites is.

they have experienced failures for everyone, because the experience of failure may be more impressive. In 99 years, just graduated from the author, has entered an information network called the Star Internet company, when the company just received venture capital invested heavily, so the entire company from a dozens of square meters of office moved to the Tianhe Science Park blue building there, rent thousands square meters, but also from the United States to buy a UNIX server back, put in the room managed by Guangzhou Telecom, the cost of death every month, but also hired dozens of editors back as a web editor…… Then this site is finally doing what? Get a mall, and a portal, and the portal platform inside the content, all from the newspapers, and even other sites and reproduced, is what we often say that the ICP (Internet copy and paste), mall above want to sell something, but do not know what is good to sell, initially selling office supplies, then no profit, then use the VC money in Lijiang garden and Guangzhou garden in the two "Star Station" stores, if you simply look at the planning case, which the content is very perfect, can be said that online + offline version the "711", but in fact, the two "Star Station" but actually every day in a complete mess, many households can buy what to ask here, but in fact due to upstream no contact good reason that no There is nothing to sell. In 2001 on the eve of the tech crash, called the star network company goes bankrupt, originally the day before the normal work of the people, second days suddenly found the entrance of the company is locked, all people are unemployed.

4, website structure:

8, the content of the website:

how long the website owner will own website update, delete, modify or add, or some of the content of


line on the site, not to let users see the first search engine to make love. Therefore, the construction of the marketing website is the premise of website optimization and promotion work. When you have a stable position in the search engine after the above, you can then website revision. But >

10, text editing and page correlation diagnosis:

includes a directory name, Chinese or English, or use Chinese Pinyin abbreviations.


know a little knowledge of the website optimization Shanghai dragon people will know, website optimization is the most important work is the optimization of the site itself. This is the basic work site optimization. Now most companies are just in the construction of website promotion website, just blindly in pursuit of beautiful atmosphere, they all ignore a very important point, is whether the site in line with marketing. Here, to search the optimization of network station, senior engineer, Shanghai dragon network marketing planning positions along the edge, with website optimization and marketing experience to teach everyone from the marketing point of how to diagnose a site situation.

2, Title, Description, Keywords Tags:


keyword selection and in the web page layout, density etc..

how much data is the writing of his experience, how much is the translation, they share in the web site.


the vertical structure or flat structure, how to structure the connection between each page within the site.

was this script language has many advantages, but do not know the contents of the search program.

", including whether there is a length between characters; -" and whether is easy to memory, the domestic domain or the international domain name etc..

5, website external links:


is not too little to make full use of resources; too long as easy to cheat, to make reasonable arrangements to label content.


, the 7 is dynamic or static web site:

if a website is not to link, no other sites connected, it is certainly not the vitality of

9, update frequency:

6, "the file name:

theory, dynamic website is not easy to be retrieved, static pages relatively better.

1, website domain name:

3, Javascript:


If we


in " on 2013 the development trend of Shanghai dragon " about the data will be more and more, not only individual users need to search, even enterprises also need to search. But also because the information is more and more, Shanghai dragon will become more important. But the style is not necessarily Shanghai, we now see Shanghai dragon, is likely to be no SERP Shanghai dragon

does not need to see the results of the search immediately, search engines to find the information you need, just send you, only the time sequence, but not the traditional SERP sequence, which is similar to the noble baby news (Alerts).

We Why

no SERP Shanghai dragon? Called SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) said the search results will be a bunch of data, then according to the algorithm of search engine, arrange the sequence results.

another way to distinguish the search, can also search and then divided into two categories, the first is to immediately see the search results, the second is not need to see the results immediately.

So if the search node >

the following diagram, we enter the "search" site optimization. The search engines don’t really need to know the search list, so the order of the SERP.

the following chart, "NY Yankee schedule" we enter search. The search engine directly lists the Yankees team schedule, this result is what we need, the other SERP is redundant.

no SERP Shanghai dragon, that these search results are not necessarily sequential.


we can put the search divided into two categories, one is a fixed answer, the second is no fixed answer.


has no fixed search for answers, that we now see the search, it is necessary to distinguish the order.

and some no fixed answer search may not be the order of the SERP, as shown in the following figure, for example if the search results to the map pattern or image shows, there is no problem of order.


…What is the

search results are no order

hopes to immediately see search results that we now see the search, it is necessary to distinguish the order of search results.

but have fixed answers in the search results, only one answer, but there is no need to distinguish the order.