Month: February 2017

Bean fruit food interactive community kitchen Economics

recently launched bean fruit food App, has been the recipe and electricity providers to get through, push the native advertising, part of the commodity can be achieved directly in the excellent food sinks electricity supplier platform to buy. This is based on the needs of the initiative to guide the purchase and purchase of goods.

text / Sun Shanshan

The basic living needs of

"basic necessities of life" the four man, in the mobile Internet era, as the embodiment of mobile terminal on a App embedded in people’s lives. At the end of October, officially launched the 5.3.0 version of beans fruit delicacy, and announced that the App client downloads over 75 million, opened on 2 million. November 18th, bean fruit food announced C round of $25 million financing. After the completion of the financing, the valuation of nearly $300 million magnitude. read more

Baisha Wangzhuan introduction


Baisha website Wangzhuan, filled my heart. Name – click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Baisha Chinese, one is a hamlet in my hometown is Hunan’s name, the two is my 10 years of smoking, smoking is a brand that is white smoke. Three is my professional Chinese click Wangzhuan promotion, from here you can get the latest information Chinese click wangzhuan. This name has no meaning. Baisha Wangzhuan, we earn is really earn, I wish you happy in order to improve the site Wangzhuan! The anti risk ability, Wangzhuan risk, join the need to be cautious, this site only provides Chinese click Wangzhuan information, is responsible for the authenticity of any Wangzhuan, please make friends. I do not return to the Commission, the Chinese click on the station more and more miscellaneous, the lower the value of a small percentage of the assembly line, do not return the Commission is just a helpless choice. The best way is Dora offline. This station has not established alliances with any pure Wangzhuan, make friends, just doing things that I love. We earn is really earn! I wish you a happy Wangzhuan read more

Sarkozy focused e-commerce ushered in a new opportunity for development in the fair in Boao

since 9 group Tootoo net to become a "martyr" for the huge economic winter in the fall of e-commerce, e-commerce booming suffered a head-on blow, people have speculated that B2B e-commerce business model is it chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival


recently, the Canton Fair, Boao forum held in the same period, e-commerce has been put on the issue, once again become a hot topic on the internet. Industry sources have said that although the financial crisis can not be spared, but the Internet economy can still get development opportunities in the crisis and more important than gold confidence. read more

Take the five step, cross-border business is not lost!


if 2014 was "exploring the cross-border electricity supplier in the initial period, with 15 years of state on cross-border electricity supplier attitude clear and encourage support, manufacturers must say cross-border" has become the industry norm, cross-border imports of electricity providers quickly become entrepreneurs and traditional electricity suppliers are the meat and potatoes. Only in Ningbo, for example, in 2014 to examine the import declaration 140 thousand votes, sales of $370 million in 2015, cross-border electricity supplier pilot business imports amounted to 2 billion 930 million yuan. It is expected that by 2017, China’s cross-border import electricity supplier will show a blowout trend of rapid development, the market size will be close to one trillion level. read more

Twelve Adult supplies market report Manmiao international achievements are diffuse

Tmall double 11 online shopping spree just last month, Taobao Ali once again launched the "double 12" promotional festival. Ali’s "double 11" and "double 12" has been completely subvert the traditional online marketing model, not only to build the online shopping feast, but also created a series of online retail astronomical, not only the domestic world attention, also to the attention of the vote. Ma Yun to bring users and businesses constantly surprises and innovation, but also indirectly promote the development of the whole network of electricity supplier retail. Although compared to Tmall "double 11" Taobao, "double 12" activities slightly tepid, even a lot of saying that Ali is biased to serve Tmall big sellers, rather than Taobao small sellers, but had to "double 12" campaign to bring attention to the growth and consumption of the electricity supplier industry, Jingdong, Amazon, one shop business benefit indirectly, and some vertical industry businesses is to enhance the sales promotion activities with the help of. read more

Beauty electricity supplier leader jumei.com listed on the United States strong crackdown, genuine s

for 7 consecutive quarters of profitability, the proportion of the mobile terminal 49%, 4 years growth 10 times, in April 12th, China beauty electricity supplier leader jumei.com, filed with the securities and Exchange Commission IPO listing application documents, plans listed on the New York stock exchange or NASDAQ, intended to finance up to $400 million, stock code "JMEI". In addition to beautiful data, jumei.com’s strong fight against fake products in the industry, a genuine cyclone, cleared the remaining doubts before listing. read more

Fruit The Ultimate Guide to making money quickly

many new owners do not know how to start in just entering the Internet industry, spend a lot of time to build the website, I do not know how to make money, the fruit for you an analysis step by step, the website how to make money fast, novice to quickly experience the Internet to make money. Want to make money quickly, must be different, there is no special mode of thinking, methods, and actions, want to get a different result?. The Internet is the birthplace of the most rapid replication success, if you copy is not a quick way to make money, then you want the results of course, is the water phantom. To get rid of the shackles of the traditional webmaster, get rid of, CMS site, collection, optimization, to traffic, advertising embarrassing situation, the first step, we must choose the target of replication. read more

2009Q2 Baidu has a shop share close to eBay up to 4.7%

                according to Analysys International Enfodesk industry database released the "2009 second quarter China C2C online retail market quarterly monitoring data show", by the end of the second quarter of 2009, the retail market China C2C online shop in line (commodity number greater than 1) reached 2 million 700 thousand. Growth of 14%. Which Taobao to occupy 77.1% of the size of the share of the size of the store, pat net share of 10.4%, eBay and Baidu have ah, respectively, of 4.8% and 4.7%, respectively, and the proportion of. read more

Lele Commission will be settled in third weeks of October, remittance

alliance members Hello!
    the third week of October 2007 (October 15th -10 21) and the commission rebate will be held today (October 22nd) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account, if you have not received in October 26th our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32

            1, the invoice for tax service invoices can.
            2, payable to: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co.,     written: information fee of
            3, please as soon as possible after receiving the payment invoice, thanks to the support and cooperation of everyone!
            4, please indicate your ID number on the invoice, we can verify the  

                                                                                                    & nbsp; Zhu Shangqi;   read more

Inspection integrity – through Ali fraud door

from the beginning of the end of 2009, the Alibaba B2B company found platform customer fraud complaints has risen, and according to an independent investigation in mid January this year, the Alibaba, part of the sales staff for the pursuit of high performance, deliberate connivance or negligence allows some external molecules into the Alibaba member system, LED to more than 2000 China provider of alleged fraud. In February 21st, in order to maintain the company "customer first" values and the principle of good faith, Alibaba to clean up about 0.8%, more than a thousand suspected fraud "Chinese supplier" customers, company CEO Wei Zhe, Li Xuhui COO resigned. read more

Look at the electricity supplier from the double 11 fission and crisis coexist

1 million 160 thousand mobile phones, total sales of 1 billion 560 million yuan, which is this year millet double record of 11.

/ red rice millet dominate the mobile phone category, millet TV 2, tablet, mobile power and other products with N first, eventually millet no suspense defending Tmall double 11 first store.

double 11 after the first time, Lei Jun published an open letter, he said, "this shows the overall strength of our line of business, but also to show our supply chain, logistics, customer service and other comprehensive strength". For the first time last year, millet war double 11 gains dazzling results, after 1 years of development, the millet in the supply chain management, product line expansion and customer service service great progress, won the championship is not surprising. read more

Dismantling Buy mode the model is easy to copy but implied high threshold

venture capitalists in China, Jiang Xiaodong is perhaps the most in-depth understanding of the Groupon buy site model. He is the world’s largest Vc firm in the early NEA, in 2008 for the first time to the predecessor of the Groupon The Point invested $4 million 800 thousand, at the time of the initial model is to address the issue, "do something" deadline, but less than expected; NEA and The Point decided to adjust the business model, will be the site to the deadline in the purchase of a commodity or service, and the subsequent formation of Groupon. After the rejection of the Google acquisition, there is news that Groupon has begun to prepare for the first half of next year, the market value of the market is estimated to have exceeded $15 billion. read more

From the Olympic champion domain name

When people celebrate

athletes have won a medal and an Olympic gold medal, was secretly delighted, secretly registered the domain name and many Olympic champion Chinese pinyin is the same, even by the media as "a grab grab" (the ancestor of reduplication is perhaps even bilingual.). Regardless of the domain name cybersquatting from what motives in the webmaster circle, one can know, this kid is definitely in the "Olympic property".

however, personal ability and cleverness is always limited, ability is never too large, too "opportunistic" the State Sports General Administration ordered the illegal behavior of non official, registered, and registered will be obliged to refund. The plan changes ah, look, a lot of domain name cybersquatting Olympic champion to a – empty. However, it still gives these countries registered domain name of Olympic Games champion one step, is that you can put these Olympic champion domain name donated to the State Sports General administration. This is good, although not get any material benefits, but the spirit will always be rewarded. Busy, but it is not white. read more

Micro-blog, WeChat and other new media in the role of brand communication

twenty-first Century, with the development of technology and ideas, many companies at home and abroad to join micro-blog, WeChat brand communication. For what kind of communication, the new media on the specific aspects of brand communication, which is still in the exploratory stage. I think this question about personal humble opinion.

micro-blog WeChat brand in the dissemination of meaning: to micro-blog WeChat the new way of communication as a platform for a variety of media with pictures, text, video, combination of brand strategy and marketing strategy of products, help consumers brand enterprises to form positive cognition, and promote the concept of cultural value of enterprise culture, the vast number of consumers to the brand the recognition and dependence, the formation of the market competitiveness of enterprises. read more

Give women open shop to make money 7 suggestions

if the shop is a sales platform, then there is still a lot of attention to this sales platform. There are a lot of people mistakenly think to Taobao or pat a shop, and then upload some products, the business will find the door. Therefore, open shop more, but very little business. While women open shop relatively still have certain advantages, so many female friends are doing shop business, here, for white-collar women to start a few suggestions to the network:

first from the side to start

many sisters have registered their own shop, but found that business is very light. The reason is very simple, because the newly opened shop credit is low, it is difficult to customer trust, and sales network platform rules also doomed the views of the new website is very low, in the low traffic situation, no matter how good the product is also difficult to achieve sales. Therefore, start at the beginning, we must pay attention to start from the side, which solved the problem of trust, because friends and colleagues did not exist the problem of trust, as long as the good products, good service, is the best way for old customers. read more

Faced with the crisis of life and death of cross-border electricity supplier practitioners secretly

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 25th

in nearly five hours after the end of the marathon, He Yi (a pseudonym) did not get the results they want, "of course, it is impossible to get the desired results." What meaning of self deprecating like Tencent said.

this is the first cross-border electricity supplier industry practitioners organized a closed door meeting. Since the 4.8 cross-border electricity supplier after the introduction of a new tax system, they observed a series of impact of the new deal, are quickly found too much to eat. read more

AQSIQ sampling electricity supplier 100% cashmere but no trace of cashmere

"double eleven" before, AQSIQ dressed as a mysterious buyer sampling electricity supplier products online shopping 100% cashmere sweater,

no trace of cashmere

sampling 502 batches of products, 131 batches of substandard

consumer base, the buyer is difficult to judge, clothing is substandard goods hardest hit

quality inspection administration of a small, let this crazy "double eleven" a little taste: Administration with "mysterious buyers" checks the mainstream business of 502 batches of seven products, there are nearly 30% unqualified. The unqualified products of leather shoes, plush and cloth toys, cashmere knitted garments, back bags, leisure clothing, mobile socket and indoor heaters and other 7 kinds of products, the detection rate was more than 30%, many of whom are famous big figure. read more

Taobao novice sellers teach you how to do 4 hearts a month


is the most difficult of the 3 heart front, because at the beginning you don’t have a reputation, but the shop was placed out of order, goods is also out of order — because beginners do not know a lot, and slowly shop decoration baby description becomes beautiful. Before I started to shop, I uploaded some of my personal belongings.


a piece of advice: in the first shop must not be impatient, or see advertising that brush drill can not wait, do not brush drill, because Taobao counter measures are very strict, there are many methods of investigation, do not think you are careful right, once found out, all your efforts have little left cast to the wind. Avoid. read more

2015 Taobao SEO how to optimize keywords Amoy blue ocean interpretation!

we all know what the definition of Taobao SEO, and in this I do not repeat. Amoy blue ocean today to share with you how to optimize key words?

2015 Taobao SEO how to optimize keywords? Amoy blue ocean interpretation!

we know the title optimizes 4 core points

1 is closely arranged to give priority to display

2 order independent

3 with the key words how to mix

4 core keywords

first we need to find and baby related keywords.

enter the product keywords, search box will automatically match the recent search volume of key words, and sometimes customers will choose to search the drop-down box recommended words. For example, facial cleanser, you can enter the facial cleanser to get keywords, can also be imported facial cleanser, facial cleanser can be entered into the drop-down box keywords. Drop-down box keywords are the most recent search volume of words. read more

Game over mom in advertising

today, I took the initiative to put the mother in the ad down, and do not want to engage in mm advertising.

1, put advertising site too slow

2, advertising costs low

3, K station, as well as frozen income

4, and Baidu to engage in on the site included unfavorable

my site IP at least more than and 400, less than a month to 20 yuan

game over! Oh, mom!


programming network, www.ajaxers.cn webmaster declared! Even if I was called to cheat, do not want this money