Month: May 2017

Make up a good business opportunities you absolutely can not think

in most people’s eyes, a bowl of bad throw terrible, but also repair, too troublesome, but if it is professional to do the catering business, the bowl is easily damaged, if all away, the cost is too high, if not throw, and affect the appearance, under such a background, Lu found piles business opportunities!

babyfaceness is wearing a pair of glasses, smile neotenous, speech and deportment but shows is inconsistent with the age of calm, this is the 23 year old Lu mountain. He was born in Zhejiang, Cangnan, a farm in the county of Wenzhou, in September 2007, entered Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College. In September 25, 2009, the small Lu in the newspaper, saw a beautician to pass a "tableware hand skills" of the report, said a young man named Shang Jianwei, will be able to repair any damage to clean the dishes. read more

Ningguo in the employment and entrepreneurship services to highlight the highlights of the four

if the government is well done, will be more bright, the city of Ningguo in the process of creating employment service showed four bright spots, caused by the country concerned, it is the work of innovative ideas and provide reference for government services in other areas. Now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

One of the highlights:

the establishment of "township people agency"

to solve difficult business and employment problems in Ningguo City, 19 townships (offices) the establishment of human resources and social security ",   established a coverage of urban and rural guidance services and public service platform, including the formation of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship project library, expert consulting services, small loans, coordination apply for various licenses, follow-up services," six in one "business service mechanism, to provide convenient, fast and effective employment services for the urban and rural laborers. The day before, agency staff often set up stalls in the village to go home, delivering jobs, send information activities, in-depth rural labor organization and job seekers recruitment business face to face, let the rural labor force at home you can learn more, the latest recruitment information. read more

Nail shop should pay attention to what skills

nail has now become a favorite way of beauty, a lot of nail shop in our lives around. Nail beauty has become the most mainstream mode to open nail shop. Nail shop is currently a lot of women choose to join the entrepreneurial approach, because the United States can join the replica of the successful experience of the brand. But if you are the first time to join the nail, nail shop opened, you need to pay attention to some tips.

below is the nail shop to join some tips:

1, the first time to join the nail, do not give yourself too high positioning, to complete the number of sales, etc.. The most important thing is to learn to join the brand experience, slowly. read more

What are the advantages of joining Hu and Hutchison Chongqing

what kind of franchise brand is the most worthy of investor trust? That is, the franchise business from the product to the marketing of every detail is not sloppy franchisee is worthy of your joining. Chongqing Hu and Hu Zhuang by mark surface finishing of Bayu traditional pasta for nearly twenty years, in technology, all kinds of meat, the facet is used to prepare mixed spices reasonable, the Bayu style played most incisive, formed a unique delicacy on the production side, Chongqing; to ensure consistent quality and stability the flavor of the successful implementation of the standardization of spices. In business, Mr. Hu and a large number of catering business experts to explore each other to learn, to join the chain to promote, and favored by consumers, attracting a large number of pasta investors. read more

Would like to open a noodle shop will do it

many entrepreneurs on the market as a result of the lack of understanding of the entire investment market, see others make money, it is very easy to do business. In particular, open a noodle shop, many people feel that as long as the money to do the master of the method, you can not open a noodle shop? In other words, would like to open a noodle shop will be able to do it?

yesterday, Chen consulting I said: "so, I have a friend told me that one of his friends opened a noodle shop in Suzhou a few days ago, only the morning noodle business and Saturday and Sunday rest, so a year down can also make a about 100000, so I want my friends to open a noodle shop and his friends say, is not able to burn the technology to teach me, so when I was in Hangzhou to open a noodle shop. Today, my friend called to tell me that he opened the noodle shop friend has promised to let me in the past to learn how to burn with him, Wu, you say this is not an opportunity for me?" read more

You need to master the cake shop selling skills

delicious cake is a lot of people’s love, often can see the streets and lanes cake shop, some shop business is very good, some stores are not very good, a lot of people think, open a cake shop, as long as the election of the shop, do the cake, provide good service, can attract customers. However, is this the case? Obviously, the answer is no.. No matter what the store, what to sell, are the need to promote and sell, if you do not understand the skills in this area, then the success rate is minimal shop. Here’s an example to show you how to sell the cake! read more

Tianfu international cooperation with SIEMENS

Chengdu is not only the land of abundance Resort and a good place for the survival, the local economy is developing rapidly. Chengdu Tianfu international biological city to build industry ecosystem for the development of security, provides life, work, leisure, entertainment and convenient life for people, the day before the Tianfu international cooperation with SIEMENS is also of concern.

recently, Chengdu Tianfu international bio city and SIEMENS (Chinese) Energy Management Group Co. Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on energy management project in Chengdu high tech Zone, covering cooperation in energy management, energy saving and environmental protection, smart city, building science and technology. read more

What is the most profitable to open shop selling

with the gradual popularization of computers, the emergence of more and more business opportunities on the network, the choice of open shop more and more people. But open shop can not blindly, otherwise it will only be submerged in the tide of failure. Here, Xiao Bian will explore the most profitable projects and open shop.

single brand goods

if you can get the famous brand products of the original single goods, is definitely a big selling point. Some famous brands of goods inventory backlog, some businesses simply sell inventory to the full network of sellers. read more

Take a look at those cross-border investment star

stars in recent years to do investment or business news frequently seen in the newspaper, it shows that the stars of their performing arts and singing career outside the desire for wealth is strong. Over the years, cross-border investment or entrepreneurship can be a lot of stars, followed by a small inventory together inventory.

read more

Fried chicken burger

with the exchange of Chinese and Western culture, western cuisine in China’s food and beverage market has gradually become popular, fried chicken hamburger as one of the best-selling brand, attracting a large number of franchisees to invest. So, fried chicken burger which good? Became the first consideration of entrepreneurs.

read more

Women’s Guide

can be seen everywhere, some shops hot business, some shops very few people, this is why? Operators need to seriously think about business matters, to find ways to improve the profitability of the store. If you want to learn more, see below.

Customer layer read more

Now open a clothing store can not make money

clothing has always been very popular in the market, increasing consumer demand for this market booming, how to grasp the opportunities, investors may wish to try to open a small clothing store, as long as you have the patience and confidence, I believe we can build a career!

my friends ready to open a clothing store, each invested one hundred thousand yuan, all the goods are sold from Hongkong, only this one’s clothes and accessories, we choose the store located downtown, so the rent is more expensive, 8000 yuan per month, 1 employees, monthly salary of 800 yuan each, plus utilities, the monthly cost of more than million yuan. Friends almost every month to travel to Hongkong, so save a lot of money to purchase, the purchase price of clothing is relatively high, so the price of each garment must improve the plan, priced at around 300 yuan. read more

The dino chicken Sliced noodles joined in support of what

pasta is now in people’s minds is what position? What is the status of staple food, pasta, what kind of position, the demand for natural pasta is natural. Sliced noodles are representative of the noodles in the garden of China noodles, the world can be a must, which is the most famous chicken knife in Sliced noodles noodles. The dino chicken juice Sliced noodles, the technology center headquarters of the long-term exploration and repeated improvement, research and development of a more popular. The face of sophisticated technology, produced exquisite, unique flavor, exquisite soup with noodles, white color, light bars; sophisticated materials, the use of local chicken and condiments stewed soup, fried stew seasoning with two kinds of lean whistle; strict election materials, surface whistle meat, Tang Xian, taste and tender crisp. Want to join the dino chicken juice Sliced noodles, the company headquarters which support read more

Aunt Marie brand 2017 entrepreneurial choice

at the beginning of the new year, for many people, the new year from a few days to go to work has been started, last year how, we know. For the last year, there are still a lot of people regret not to be discouraged, in the new year is the focus of development, then for their own career in the next year to do a detailed plan? Is the choice of employment or choose to start it? Regardless of employment or business development in their favorite areas is the kingly way, the author also came to the bustling commercial district, on the surrounding passers-by for a lot of understanding, found people tend to say exactly what the industry business venture, now the domestic current top ten is particularly prominent? read more

Details of the increase in the possibility of joining the Western Union

modern people with a high degree of acceptance of Western food, especially in young people, leisure dinners are more emphasis on the emotional appeal of Western food chain. Western restaurant to join is currently the most promising small investment choice, do not need to join Western food and Western food, do not need to join the investment experience, as long as investors to invest in this delicacy project, Western food stores will give investors high returns, the project has many investment opportunities, you should try it, your investors ready to invest western food stores ready? Come to invest in this project! Small investment also has a chance of success read more