Month: August 2017

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report of key words

for web site keywords we generally divided into two categories, one is that we need to focus on optimizing, also is the target keywords, a key competition is relatively small, it is the long tail keywords. When we do need to make a diagnosis of the industry analysis, select the target keywords according to the profit model and the direction of their development, and can bring some long tail keywords to target customers, so that we can maximize the effect of optimization. Now I give you detailed introduce how to carry out the analysis of key words. read more

Website weight is low because you do not know the weight lifting method

based web site configuration

speaking of weight, for the website optimization of people are not unfamiliar, but often the most do not understand the weight but also optimize the staff, why? If you still rely on the webmaster tools, query the so-called "weight" love station network and three party tools, only then that you out, if do not understand the weight so, how to enhance the weight of their own website? The Cen Huiyu guide for everyone to talk about how to improve the weight of the website from the web based configuration, web page layout, site traffic. (do not understand the definition of weight friends can go to see the most Er of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love weight mistake) read more

Analysis 360 search for webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng promotion

(by 贵族宝贝52xianli贵族宝贝 starting A5, please keep the link, thank you!)




above is 360 search domain independent show out of home, we are now beginning to ask click on the upper left corner to see, and then enter the "best" slimming products what.

at this time, we can see that the domain name to the domain name www.qihoo贵族宝贝, which shows the current 360 search although the independent domain name, but the original qihoo贵族宝贝 has not turned to the new domain name, should be the search business is not all on! Then see search results, there is love Shanghai, comprehensive search and so on some horizon on the site, we may think that 360 search is unable to do promotion! Then we’ll click on the option of read more

A few tips on love Shanghai ranking optimization

content of a site’s ranking is also very important, if the content of your site and other weight is higher than your website content if you repeat the content more is useless, love Shanghai this year to the weight of the original content are relatively high, generally a website original content very much, he is certainly very good keywords ranking, if you really don’t have time to do the best for the original original content.

is saying "content is king, the chain is king", so the high quality of the chain is also on the website ranking is very important, the best suggestion is to ask Shanghai or love their products because the chain, ask the chain is easier for beginners, and their product weight love Shanghai so high, the chain is very necessary in these places. And get very good results in the chain will ask questions such as the website, because now the quiz website more, they tend to love these large data collection sites, so you send a chain, is likely to send a N, but the premise is the quality must be high. (but you have to remember is not blindly the chain) read more

Take me, founder Luo quasi three pioneering, how to climb out of the valley on the verge of deathshl

, the famous American actress "Britney Spears" Britney, has recently launched her own personal blog and Twitter account, and plans to update blogs and Twitter regularly. Her move has been well received by the blogosphere and has been considered one of the most exciting initiatives by celebrities in entertainment circles since Tom Cruise launched the TomCruise website in May. Analysts point out that Britney can embed music from Imeem and iLike on his blog, and add links to iTunes or Amazon music download services. For Twitter, Britney is undoubtedly a gold mine. read more

How to do Taobao optimization promotion customer experience sharing

customers as one of the most popular ways of the network to make money, more and more online occupation to join the industry, the competitive environment of the industry increased sharply, Amoy profit margins are continually shrinking revenue sharing, how, in this state to make their customers to ensure Taobao income, how to get more profit the level of concern, become each guest. As a local portal (Beijing Travel Network) founder, I also created a guest website – century diet net, with income to test the Taoke mode, of course, weight loss products of high profits, while the competition is also one of the most competitive products, the site is now a week probably only about 5 single achievement. Well, I will talk about how to do Taobao off now, Taobao became the guest industry success. read more

Case analysis of site is down right to 5 months later.

is a part-time network in 12.10 months at the end was right down, the site was down right and did not give up on the website optimization, website every day to do the high quality of the chain, the chain will do the soft platform every day, like every day will contribute to the original A5, journal articles will be a lot of, even if there are a lot of remove link, but some large websites, will give the original link, virtually to the site to increase the number of free high weight chain. At the same time, these articles will be reproduced posted to the forums, blogs and news media sites such as BSP, the chain weight of soft high is the webmaster know, the website can be restored weight, high quality soft chain plays a big role. read more

7 days without reason refund, know almost change shuffle, smoke into two without mistakeA new black

for the convenience of consumers’ decision, know almost upgraded the evaluation system in the comments on the basis of the score down to one decimal place, and show the details of the evaluation, including evaluation of anonymous users will also display, let the discussion in the Live can be extended, to help users to do important reference to buy this Live.

in this upgrade, "7 days without reason refund" become the outside world most attention hot spot. That is, users buy Live and Live within 7 days after the end, such as listening to the voice of no more than 15, you can choose no reason to refund, and before the start of the voice is not included in 15. read more

Do Shanghai dragon website will die only do Shanghai dragon website Shengburusi

Shanghai dragon website will die: we are not from the literal to understand the original meaning of it. We should listen to the true meaning of this sentence, and the true meaning of this sentence is to illustrate the importance of Shanghai dragon, important to you do is a "dead" point. Of course, today is not to explain it, but today there are so many people have a misunderstanding of the Shanghai dragon, think to do is do keyword ranking Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon Chinese is search engine optimization, attention is not optimal, ranking. What is the optimal, from all aspects to do a search engine and enhance the user experience, while ranking is just a kind of Shanghai dragon contains the search engine optimization is our site according to the principle of the search engine to make up for its shortcomings, but it is a pity that many people have understood as cheating let the search engine, website optimization better judge your website, so you can save the cost of the search engine, the white hat Shanghai dragon means the search engine is welcome, this is the search engine for the. read more

Entrepreneurship is no choice but a few suggestions for students to start a businessGGAD Nanjing con

recently and several friends in Starbucks chat is the most mentioned recently young people entrepreneurial boom, the current students employment rate over the years, many students can not find work, so there are more college graduates after graduation, selected the creative industry. For example, a small Taobao store, or only a few people like Internet companies, the Internet industry has become a hotbed of entrepreneurs, these young people are full of enthusiasm to join this seemingly glamorous IT industry, dream of ten years later became a Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li or is Zhou Hongyi. But when they really start will really realize, just as a young man came out from the University, and a little light technology and a few like-minded friends is not enough. In my personal experience, I don’t like the fact that students start their business as soon as they graduate. No matter how high your qualifications are, whether you are a master or a doctor, these are just the level of your professional skills. And you haven’t passed the baptism of the social university, the mind is not very mature, these things are learned in the school books forever. read more

Feather Shanghai dragon life from the Sohu micro-blog optimization

is now just one second, you’ll hear is the second row!!!. Shorten the time ranking, you know what is time?.

team is the first to focus on the optimization of feathers when Sohu micro-blog is at the end of last year, then in the analysis of several construction site outside the chain, has the following findings:


Er is a long time Shanghai dragon no ranking and distress?

good news! Good news, before we use 1 to 3 months, the site is ranked

1, there are several Sohu chain content read more

A new website for the promotion of the PR value about 0

two new sites, should do more content construction. Did Shanghai dragon friends know the original content is very important, especially for new sites, if the content is original, it will soon be included. Love love Shanghai original, your station can provide original content, he will come to the day two to three of original articles is very good. So we have to adhere to the original.

we all know, PR is the weight of a web site, a weight high website on behalf of the site has a certain value, the search engine will pay attention to this website, whether included in, or ranking, there will be a good show. Then a new station, PR for 0, the search engine is not paid attention to this website, the answer is not. If the new well done, will soon receive the favour of search engine. Here I give some comments, I hope to help both novice. read more

Cannot read the love of Shanghai, said unclear keyword ranking


before analysis, a common feature is the love of Shanghai not included, which makes many immerge increase love Shanghai included friends marvel. A small number of natural, let us think may be of high quality, let us feel disappointed that the quality is not high, and it is hidden! These we can stand, so I can not accept the following two points is

Many websites and

first map, look at the basic conditions of the website, the use of WWW two level domain name, the domain name does not resolve, so this data illustrates the index website read more

Analysis of content and the specific performance of weight

second, but not necessarily a long and minute statement. For the website content, only need to help users, then click rate will increase, the same user will stay on this page for more time. If your content quality is pale, even if it is difficult to attract users is a long and minute statement, attention is likely to choose to leave the user to browse the contents of the first paragraph, if this situation occurs frequently, it will cause not recognized love Shanghai, eventually weight of the contents is eliminated, even will a penalty on the website, the search engine will even consider these. read more

From the love Shanghai ranking website user experience

event to refer to the matter of Shanghai dragon WHY ranking drop, April 17th, Shanghai dragon WHY forum discussion when massive search Shanghai dragon found Shanghai dragon WHY ranking dropped, the Cardiff also published his views, which he said a little, when he was in search of his Shanghai dragon the website is ranked first, but when people search is not the first? This is why? Is it the nature of

these things on the surface can be explained in Shanghai Longfeng WHY site down the right, but from another angle to think, if the in-depth understanding of words, and not just the right down the website, but the search engine user experience is being upgraded, this is Google related changes in the last year, if you often search for a key words into a website in Google (for example: I often search " movie recommendation " then, in the rankings found inside my own website, click to enter), then you can go to the Google search for a few days when nature your site to Google first, but others go to search that is not the same, but careful observation, you will find the title back will show you visited the site many times, you can personally test the details, so big To improve the user experience, let users can more easily find their desired website. read more

Do website promotion step by step

in the web directory and foreign website program, a few days after conversion, modify the page you want to add function, so a network directory my official online. The next step is the promotion, my first thought is that many chain, the chain method, everyone has their own way, in order to save me quickly, chain, the network directory sites will modify the source code, for example, Admin5 Chinaz download area, also sent to backward in BBS station. The release of these days, traffic will increase a large, such as search engine sites also love Shanghai, also got a good start. read more

Mobile SP classification rules promulgated by the integration of resources to support high quality S

last January, China Mobile launched SP service provider credit score management model has become a hot spot, the media praised the move is expected to unlock the industry credit management problems. Reporters learned that, since the introduction of the credit management system for a year, has achieved a good market effect, has been received from users, partners and government departments in charge of multi-party recognition. According to the relevant person in charge of China Mobile, since the credit management system, the overall volume of complaints Monternet gradually decreased, the degree of integrity and regulate the operation of SP has been significantly improved, compared with the end of 05, by the end of 06 the number of Monternet business complaints decreased 55%, SP decreased most complaints. After China Mobile began to implement credit scoring management system, other operators have launched similar initiatives, and even many foreign telecom operators have expressed concern about this innovative management approach. read more

May 2012 love Shanghai algorithm summary

7, the search engine algorithm is more and more not figured out, can only be said to follow the signs and make some positive response mechanism, and will need a reason to remember: don’t put all your egg in one basket. Also is the chain in the form of diversity and relevance to grasp, see: how extensive and related site outside the chain grasp.

1, outside the chain of more and more important. The original release of the chain can be as effective in the high weight of the platform, the platform now requires not only a good reputation, but also requires that the platform is really recommend your website, that is you outside of the chain is very natural in this platform, this requires the related. The same is true Links. read more

Discussion on how to optimize the website information release

a few days ago a friend Stone received a class of information release site, in the QQ group asked how to optimize the site, there is no such stone before the optimization of website, I was a rookie level, but some enterprise website optimization. There are certain differences in different types of site in Shanghai Longfeng strategy, but generally does not have what change in several directions, like the large 58 city, Ganji and other familiar release sites, these sites how to optimize? First characteristics of this kind of website analysis, I summarized the points. May not be comprehensive. read more

Analysis on the role of internal links in Shanghai Dragon

three: increase the weight of the page transfer between

chain can transfer the weight, the webmaster exchange Links, choose the weight of high PR and the relevance of the website is a chain, in order to improve the weight of their own website. Internal links can also transfer the weight, web page weight is relatively high, the internal page is relatively weak. Home page in the chain with the beam between a home page weight will be delivered to the site within the page, the page weight increase. Controllable internal links have been fully play. read more