Month: September 2017

Interpretation the value of the ALT attribute on the search engine it also effectively

through the example above, we can draw the following conclusions:

first, confirmation page is included in

on the Internet to see a lot of discussion about the picture ALT attribute value optimization and no use of topic search engine, because the original intention is to set the ALT attribute value, because the search engines can not effectively identify the picture and setting, and not for the user experience, if the value of the ALT property is no longer valid, then we can not set the value of ALT, you can save a lot of time for editing and development. Here we use an example to verify the value of the ALT property and no effect: read more

Love from Shanghai index to WeChat index, we are entering the world of data (attached tool inventory

– "digital treasure" in

This is a

so WeChat index attention is very obvious, occupy a very high weight in the marketing of WeChat WeChat today, the lack of data analysis is clearly not complete to the marketing people, people can only come through the past marketing evaluation amount of reading and points like the standard amount of a single, but now through the WeChat index as a secondary standard, undoubtedly solution marketing people as pressing danger.

data in the world, but only some Digimon data exists. read more

The website ranking suddenly dropped out, how should do

speaking of things turn, appeared in yesterday morning, wake up early, open the site, suddenly saw a thing, that is the site of the home page, "this two word home page" no, look for a long time, is the need to put the mouse in the air.

3, I started to think about why weight inside pages will be higher than the home page, because the weight of high priority display, that is, my higher than the weight of the inside pages of my home page. Why is this? I started to think that what happened recently, in fact, only to make a change, or change a column page name, but I know that this will not cause such effects. Then, think carefully, if there is one thing that is my space had a problem, I let the space for I looked at my website, they have my background account password. Then tell me again, I suddenly feel, is when they modify things which code is not appropriate? Careful examination found No. Just recently busy doing the WeChat project, not really. read more

How to create web content value


The Internet

website content is beyond doubt, its role mainly from two aspects of speaking, on the one hand, search engine, search engine index is often very important title, a good title often can make the search engine more love, faster speed index, lay the foundation for a large number. On the other hand, for the user, the title to do innovative and unique, allows the user to quickly find in many of the content, and can let users feel find everything fresh and new feeling out of the ordinary. So the content should be innovation of the original title. How to achieve this unique innovation? We can not grasp the question type title, event title, Title Three title this type of speculation, often can cause the user empathy and curiosity, can bring more traffic, have a great benefit. read more

Wangzhuan industry is not spit bones entrants need to be fully preparedHas 1 million registered user

domain in the investment industry, recently there are a lot of domain name was acquired, which also brought up many webmaster to join the investment domain, in fact, I want to say: do you think the risks? Domain name investment is not tens of dollars, if we really want to be a professional domain name investors not dozens can fix, you at least want to buy dozens of domain name, which is thousands of tens of thousands of money, and the money you can guarantee back? Do not be some interests of the current scene breaking through the mind, each row is with high risk, should not be eating the bone. read more

How to carry out marketing by means of hot events


hot events to marketing written soft Wen also called hot hot soft, soft, the official is defined in this way, around the hot hot news events, or hot topics to review, observation, secret, view related information collation, combined with their own way to the promotion of the brand in the soft. The reason to write soft article is popular because it can bring the unexpected effect of the performance of enterprises. Today I will teach you how to use the 4 strokes by means of popular events for marketing read more

The new site of the Shanghai dragon how to do optimization

The second step: The third step:

set keyword and description to find the top three websites, their Title, description copy, prepare a suitable for their own, must be better than the original, "more reasonable arrangement. Then, do the link. On the site early online, keywords can not be too extensive, should assess the core and the highest conversion rate of keywords to do until the late flow weight up and then try to do some other popular keywords.

meta do meta optimization optimization, layout optimization, internal link optimization, meta optimization is site optimization head, meta optimization is the key you can refer to the " " website based on head; set up other areas;, page layout optimization and internal link optimization method has a lot of, can try to access relevant technical data in combination with the practice and the summary, the effect will be better and better. At the same time ensure website content updates, of course, the original is better, pay attention to update not too often, also cannot update. read more

Love Shanghai 2 algorithm under the green initiatives, endure loneliness to create brand website

I want to take a

recent events in July is the love of Shanghai launched 2 Scindapsus algorithm, for those who promote soft obviously had a serious blow, which shows several examples in the announcement, just a lot of Shanghai Longfeng customary soft means that many people have recently lamented, Shanghai dragon is more and more bad, more and more difficult to do. In fact, I think, love Shanghai Scindapsus 2 algorithm is just the beginning, there may be more austerity measures waiting for us in the past few years, in July 6, every year, love Shanghai always a big update on the algorithm, so we may be used on the update frequency, and for the launch of the Scindapsus algorithm 2, perhaps just a way to return to normal user experience. read more

How to view the website marketing diagnosis and revision

4, website structure:

8, the content of the website:

how long the website owner will own website update, delete, modify or add, or some of the content of

line on the site, not to let users see the first search engine to make love. Therefore, the construction of the marketing website is the premise of website optimization and promotion work. When you have a stable position in the search engine after the above, you can then website revision. But >

10, text editing and page correlation diagnosis: read more

What is not SERP Shanghai dragon search in the future

If we

in " on 2013 the development trend of Shanghai dragon " about the data will be more and more, not only individual users need to search, even enterprises also need to search. But also because the information is more and more, Shanghai dragon will become more important. But the style is not necessarily Shanghai, we now see Shanghai dragon, is likely to be no SERP Shanghai dragon

does not need to see the results of the search immediately, search engines to find the information you need, just send you, only the time sequence, but not the traditional SERP sequence, which is similar to the noble baby news (Alerts). read more

Several simple and effective way to obtain the original content

to write their own, this is certainly the best, but not everyone has this ability, so it is not suitable for most of the webmaster. There is go to books, and then use the scanner into computer text. This way a lot of people have said that there is some search engines are very poor and even not included some websites or personal space, for example taobao贵族宝贝, as well as QQ space is very good.

is to go abroad, because our domestic website is mainly for love Shanghai, so China >

said the site certainly cannot do without Shanghai dragon, then Shanghai dragon is the most important is the content of the website, how to do a website, this is not a day for two days, it is important to insist that if he only wants to win the search engine while ignoring the user that is doomed to fail. And the search engine is for customer service, everything is in order to win customers, so there are many websites in time to update the content too much emphasis is placed on the website optimization, website of the amount collected for example, the number of the chain and so on, in order to make the site collection of quantity is large increase, some people even use pseudo original software. Acquisition software, the content is not a bit readable, in fact do nothing, there may be counterproductive. read more

Talk around the surrounding Shanghai Longfeng industry how to survive in the future

is not only the soft studio, "

so soon, to provide this kind of soft Wen studio will collapse, but there is a possibility in the transformation of the soft studio. Marketing is still an effective way of marketing, but the quality of the soft requirements will be higher. To promote the soft services in general small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the soft release in some news portal, and now popular WeChat marketing, also needs a large number of high quality soft wen. So the soft studio is completely can for these people, I believe is still able to get a good. read more

Analysis website page ranking in secret

(please indicate the transfer: www.wangzhan.net.cn, thank you! Cherish the fruits of labor of others, is to respect yourself!)

The key to the inside pages of the

second, included rate website page.

website also determines whether the inside pages can be involved in the search engine home page ranking. First of all to participate in the ranking of the amount of content must be achieved, usually the site contains more than 60% sites of the rankings are relatively high, if this is to be the top 80% to the absolute worship site, regardless of whether the page or inside pages ranking will firmly dwelling in the search engine home. But here is also our attention, the inside pages included the best enterprise station is more than the product page news page, after all enterprises station eventually product sales, the Shanghai dragon Er website here must pay attention, do not care for this and lose that. read more

Fast to make the high quality the chain (three) ganji贵族宝贝

is different from the pure hair of the chain, publish classified information in ganji贵族宝贝, in order to obtain high quality of the chain at the same time, but also to promote the role of advertising, especially for Taobao off the big scuffle, here I will not go into details. However, in the high flow ganji贵族宝贝 platform is the post shooting two birds with one stone.

by ganji贵族宝贝 audit

as above, we can see that the weight of ganji贵族宝贝 and the amount collected is very alarming, fell in love with the sea included the amount reached 100 million, 24 hours the amount collected is about 15 million 300 thousand amazing. Of course, this also with ganji贵族宝贝 information timely, high originality is inseparable. This included high point in the map is obviously to see, while Ganji chain benefits is far more than this. Next, we summarize the advantages of the other ganji贵族宝贝. read more

Et explicit elastic recovery on childhoodSmall WiFi promising inventory based WiFi entrepreneurial p


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WiFi share wizard


by installing a variety of plug-ins, HiWiFi can not only provide the function of the common wireless network, also supports the general Internet speed, ordinary download acceleration, "science and the Internet, video ad filtering, mobile phone remote control, VPN, intelligent speed over the wall and so on, these third party applications to complete some of the traditional router to do things.

mobile Internet development is fast, thanks to the terminal equipment, the traditional Internet from the shackles of the cable state liberated. However, users can not avoid the use of audio and video transmission under the download, a large number of traffic, high tariffs and other issues. WiFi technology plays a crucial role in solving this problem. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization should prevent the two extremes of sustained and stable optimization


two: Web content optimization details

so when we engage in the construction of a chain, must pay attention to timely remove bound, because those looks full of vigor and vitality or the weight of relatively high site, there may accidentally be right down, if you have no contact bound in time, it will be subjected to joint action, like the frog also be eaten! At the same time a chain and can not be too much, otherwise it is the nine sons of the dragon has shortcomings, which once touched the optimization of the faults of mine, it will affect your web site! read more

Piaoyun noble baby in search of innovation in the field of technology and unique function

with noble baby can search out information content of country specific location, if you search for the word "Cloth", you can only show the UK ", while the other search engine seems to lack the capacity of domestic. This technique allows us to find products, such as more accurate information.

noble baby preview function is a function of my love, better than soso, Sogou preview effect. Soso, Sogou just provide some text of the "Preview", is "invisible", and provides a preview of "noble baby snapshot pictures, through snapshot pictures we can tell about the layout of the page, type of substantive. This point, can help us find more accurate information, so that we can to some extent reduce the access times of "dump". A point can is, the current domestic users also cannot pass this function to preview some foreign website snapshot pictures, this may be related to the Chinese system, it is a pity. read more

The content of the website and the chain from people not known had not

gouyn12 blog links, basically are well-known blog

said, the content of the website construction and the chain extension is an organic unity inseparable. And the order is fixed, first, after the chain extension; no content, promote your site outside the chain is can’t do anything. According to the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" this website content is "website carrier core value", "website just outside chain core value" means of promotion, the chain must proceed from the content of the website system can. read more

The analysis of two models of search engine arbitrage

we can arbitrage into the search engine, to explore whether there is a search engine, arbitrage opportunity? Or the possibility of arbitrage

is a finance term arbitrage, academic explanation is in the two markets, with favorable price of the same product buying and selling. Simply speaking, arbitrage is in the transaction before the profit space is established, and buying and selling time almost simultaneously.

news reports, as for whether YAHOO is still doing this, I can make nothing of it. But YAHOO’s practice proves that the use of the price difference between different advertising products, can indeed create a search arbitrage model. read more

Professional website of Shanghai Longfeng personnel must master basic skills optimization

1, web server

, a web site debugging environment

codeThe level of knowledge

dynamic website program to execute the web server must have the support of script, the current mainstream WEB development language is PHP, ASP, JSP,.NET and CGI have their own unique advantages, as Shanghai Longfeng personnel must possess the basic ability of web server set up, even if you do not personally practice to learn and understand the building steps the principle and execution, in order to see the essence through the phenomenon. read more