Month: November 2017

Hollywood stars also start business from Beckham to Alba, inventory of 8 top beauty CEOZhu Zhu’s out

many entrepreneurs in the development of a certain stage, began to be interested in the quality of the whole entrepreneurial team. At this point, UI design is the gateway that entrepreneurs must face.

How does ?

on College, in opposition to parents, schools, Zhu Ke still adhere to the computer from professional to advertising creative. Although the design is Zhu’s interest, but in the salt technology interview, Zhu Ke could not help but say, "design is a boring thing."."

, behind the scenes, is one of the founders of The Honest Company, a company that sells non-toxic baby products, diapers and other household products. This is by no means an image project. According to Inc data, in 2014, the company’s revenue is expected to reach $150 million. The company accumulated $122 million in financing support, raising $70 million in August, bringing the company’s market capitalisation to almost $1 billion. read more

An analysis of the three core factors of the website ranking

and the second is the content. Most of the time, original content are increased every day, but the site rankings or stay back, mainly because of the lack of correlation between the content of reason. For example, he obviously do SEO class, but every day is not to add website optimization related content, but some other out of order, such content, even the original on the website ranking does not have any function, some may be the site of the amount collected to enhance. This is many webmaster asked what included the amount of up flow is scanty. The content on the influence of the rankings as we all know, but is not the original content on the line, but also the correlation between the content and the site is not strong enough, or every day to find some articles to change out of order is the original, since not all sites are ranked first? So, it not only requires the quality of original content also have relevance, such content is positive help for ranking. read more